Apple AirPods Max (Silver) $699 Pickup @ The Mall (Auckland Airport)


Available at both international and domestic terminal at Auckland airport

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Auckland Airport
Auckland Airport


  • they have this price for about the last 6months

  • +2

    going for the new sony xm5's seems to be the smarter choice here.

    • +1

      for apple user, Apple Ecosystem hhhhhh

      • LOL i understand

    • As an XM3 owner, not necessarily. If you're an Android user then YES, but if you own a newer iPhone, the Airpods max will be the way to go. That is, if you can afford the difference.

      Check out MKBHD latest video on the XM5 and he explains it well.

  • Do you know if Apple offer a change of mind return on the AirPods Max?
    Looking at getting a pair but frustrating that no stores have demo pairs for me to try out.
    So I was thinking of buying from Apple then return if don’t like/return and buy at cheaper price from another retailer.

    • yes i tried before

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