3x Remarkable Cream Dark Chocolate (Liqueur) 700ml Bottles $98 + Shipping @ Remarkable Cream


Remarkable Cream have just launched their new Dark Chocolate flavour, and as a promotion are doing 3 bottles for $98.

It's an NZ-made irish cream liqueur alternative.
Their first flavour, butterscotch, has been a big hit.

They're also offering same day dispatch.

A remarkably delicious blend of fresh cream, dark chocolate, and exceptionally smooth New Zealand vodka - simply unrivaled.

3x 700ml bottles - 14% alcohol by volume


EDIT: Didn't see this but they're offering discounts when you just add multiples to cart.
It doesn't update pricing until you click checkout. Thanks @sleep-cheapies & @Jay001

Minimum Qty Maximum Qty Discount
2 2 22% off
3 3 25% off
4 4 26% off
5 5 26.5% off
6 + 27.5% off

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  • +1

    Haven’t tried the chocolate yet as it just arrived this morning but their butterscotch one is soooo yummy, I highly recommend trying some!

    • Not sure about the butterscotch, it has a sharp/tang after taste which is very odd. As far as alcohol goes it's not as smooth as Baileys, in fact I've yet to drink another cream as smooth as Baileys.

  • +1

    Shipping is showing as free for orders over $94 for me (to Chch).

  • +2

    A mix and match option would ve great for those who haven't tried these! 3 bottles is a bit of a commitment

  • +1

    They have a mixed and matched option now. Free to order any amount and discounts auto apply.

    • I can't see this option with the discount?

  • +1

    Just bought some! Hope they're good.

    Was able to buy 2x Butterscotch and 1x Dark Choc. The price changes at checkout instead of when it's just in your cart.

    • Same. Hopefully a good Baileys alternative.

  • +1

    You can get a 5% abandoned cart discount on top of this by adding items to the cart, entering your email and then exiting the browser. They'll email you with the 5% discount

    • How did you get this to work? it has this for me that doesnt work:

      edit: Its working now. Wasn't before. If anyone else has issues paste this is in the shopping cart checkout discount field - with spaces.


      edit2: okay it wasn't working before because i did a mix and match. it works fine if you order a single 3xbottle pack as one item.

  • Don't suppose this is low carb xD, couldn't find nutrition info

    • On their Facebook I read "approx 19% carbs" - unsure if this is for the butterscotch or dark chocolate

      • Nah definitely not low carb. The butterscotch is more for the sweet tooth’s out there.
        A stevia alternative would be ideal, but not sure how it affects the processing and if needed to keep it shelf stable

  • +1

    This arrived, it's delicious. Ordering more.

    I'm a fan of it straight, with a splash of milk, or half n half.

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