Makita Mower+Line Trimmer Combo - worth ?

Moving into my new house, and have a bit of lawn to deal with (medium sized). Wondering if people think that this is a good deal, or whether you see regular deals which might make buying this now a bit un-cheapies? I can't seem to see the combo anywhere else, just Mitre10.

Reviews do seem good, and i'm needing something sooner rather than later.

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    If you happen to have other Makita 18V tools, or are planning on it then this would be the one for you. If you had a lot of Ryobi gear then go the ryobi mower. Reviews on this set all seem OK. Some mentioning that the line trimmer is pretty entry level. But still fine for the odd small residential work.

    For price Mitre 10 seem to do these combos so they can be exclusive and avoid the price matching. Placemakers and toolshed are other Makita stockists. I've heard people can get sharper deals if they have a trade account at placemakers. The traditional time for tool sales seems to be Black Friday lately. Long wait for that now though.

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    It depends on the size of the lawn, that kit will mow about 250m2-350m2 of medium length lawn (from my experience) on a single charge, if the grass is longer it almost halves the amount it'll get done on a single charge.

    If you have Makita batteries already, then that is likely fine, I'd be buying to what brand you've already got batteries/tools for, or which brand you'd like to move to.

  • If you want Makita sure, otherwise i'd look at Ryobi as you'll be able to get more tools for that money. For example, 40cm brushless mower + drill kit with two 4ah batteries + charger + line trimmer. Can mix and match whatever tickles your fancy. Seems like a decent price for the Makita though, but that line trimmer does look very light. I only started on Ryobi after comparing it to the tool line I already had (Milwaukee). Milwaukee pricing was a joke for outdoor gear. So now I have hedge trimmers, line trimmer, mower, scarifier, blower, grinder etc etc on Ryobi.

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