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PS5 Disk Version + Cosmic Red Controller & 2 Games (Rainbow Six Extraction & Just Dance 2021) $999 @ The Warehouse


Somehow a "fair" deal compare to other shops. Given ps5 is still at shortage across NZ,maybe a good deal.

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    Forgot to add The Market coupons,I believe most of you know how to add it. $5 off

  • even better than scalper's price.

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    Still got about 190+ in stock as of 10:40pm, go for it guys if you don’t have one

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    Good deal post OP, you won't see PS5's on shelves anytime this year due to production shortages being about 10m short of 2022s target. Much cheaper than TM prices too given the extra controller and 2 games included.

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    Thanks. How do I confirm its for the disk version? Doesn't really say anything in description or title.

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      You can see it in the picture 😁

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      It doesn’t say its disc but if the bundle has got game discs, then it means its most probably a disc version 😊

      • Hilarious

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        Just because they have game covers in the picture doesn't always mean they are disc copies.

        Jedi Fallen Order in this Xbox bundle is a code despite easily assuming it is a disc copy: https://www.play-asia.com/xbox-one-s-1tb-star-wars-jedi-fall...

        But as Geardropper said, you can see it (the disc drive on the right of the console) in the picture. Also this would be an outrageously bad price if it was the digital version.

        • I couldn't get over that people were paying 1k for a digital one on tm

          • @geardropper: one sold for $1250 today while a disc one went for 1k lol.

            • @Dunno: Now that's just messed up 🤣🤣what about this one I got 2k22 for $30 from eb the other week new….now it's showing $159 again 🤣🤣🤣

  • games are total junk.. worse than what eb games is bundling with

    • I saw ppl selling their rainbow six for $10 on FB marketplace 😂

    • Yes,just dance 2021… But console+controller for 999 still not bad.

      • plus isn't just dance useless without the camera worth $110?

        • I will sell it for $5 if someone need.. Lol

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            @huster: Pretty sure you could get at least $7.50 on FB Marketplace, after wading through 500 people who say they want it, then ask you questions like: What colour is it? Or, how much does it eat?

        • Pretty much, at least as far as I know.

          My son was okay with paying $1,000 for the disk edition from a legit retailer, so the games were just freebies for him.

          Going to stick the dance one on TradeMe 'brand new in the cellophane wrapper' and recoup whatever he can, not sure about the other - he does play FPS games, so maybe that's a keeper, or play it for a while, then sell it second-hand maybe.

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    Thanks Huster - Got one for my son (honestly!)

    Now showing out of stock, so I might have gotten one of the last ones.

    • Oh,all out now. Quicker than thought.. But congrats

      • This morning I received an email from TWL, saying that they can't find my order, but they have their 'best people' working on it….

        Well lead organisation is TWL.

        • Did the order get fulfilled

  • All out 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • That’ll teach me for going to be early…..

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    • $1500. Wowie.

      • Ouch!

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        It does come with an extra HDMI cable so totally worth it in my opinion.


        • Anyone want a spare HDMI cable?

          I have several available for $119 (was $89, but I have locked down my prices just like Countdown)!

        • Why need an extra one? The cable comes with the box is a good one,isn't it?

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            @huster: You don't, that's why I was being sarcastic with my little /s

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              @HmmYepNah: Ssshhhh - I was about to make hundreds, perhaps thousands on these cables.

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    back in stock

    • out again

  • It's in stock again currently.

  • Is anyones TWH PS5 Bundle order “on hold”?

    My ps5 order is status is showing as “on hold” - never experienced or seen this before.

    Any ideas?

    • Send them a message through live chat. They should hopefully be able to answer your question.

  • My themarket order shipped. woot!

  • Delivered this morning 😀

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