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BOGOF Fresh'n Fruity Indulge 500g Yoghurt Coupon (Redeemable at NZ Supermarkets)


Blackbox has sent out a promo link to some of its members providing a coupon for Buy One Get On Free Fresh'n Fruity yoghurt.

You'll need to provide your email address to recieve the coupon.

Original Link: https://www.bbox.nz/ff

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  • Ha. They probably sent it out because hardly anyone was redeeming the weak $2 off coupon that was sent in their latest black box.

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    Note, it does not accept + characters in your email.
    Eg. [email protected]

    • Probably the gmail dot move though?

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        I mainly use the + to understand what businesses could be sharing my email address with other businesses.

  • Is this for any/all supermarkets?

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      States only redeemable at New Zealand Supermarkets, so I suppose all in NZ

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        Sweet. $3.99 seems to be the lowest after a 2 min search. Get that price at PNS (certain stores) and New World.

        • $4.49 the lowest in my area. But still pretty good for two of them.

          • @xsolider: That's the lowest I found also (Pak n Save, South Island)

            • @NeM2k2: Yes, sadly my local NW and CD don't have any deals for the yoghurt this week. Have to go to PnS which is a bit far away.

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          Found $3.49 @ PnS Mt. Albert (Auckland) on grocer

  • Thanks. Have been hooked on the F&F Greek range lately (raspberry).. keen to give these a try

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    I wish they didn't make the voucher a mostly a solid dark colour. Waste so much printer ink…:/

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      I printed it 50% scale for that reason. Still legible

      • Cheers for the tip. I ended up printing at 40% scale. haha

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      plain text and a bar/voucher code should be enough eh? bit utilitarian for some people but fits the pragmatic crowd like cheapies. :)

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      I printed it at work.
      Saved me a fortune!

      • ** Insert shifty-eyes person using work printer GIF here **

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          I reckon I could easily print 200 pages at work and my workmates wouldn’t know a thing. Do I dare start a side hustle?

      • Me too. But I printed out two vouchers on a single page to save ink.

        • I don't see how printing it twice on a single piece of paper would save you any ink. I think you mean it saved you 1 cent worth of paper. On the voucher, it states one use per transaction, so good luck with that.

    • Honestly, supermarkets take one look at it then put it to the side. I reckon you can get away with a b&w print (ymmv).

      • Yep, only the code matters, not the colour.

        • Well the voucher itself says "This is an Internet Voucher; A good quality print is required. All words and details must be readable." and includes a unique ID (and your name) so I don't know if only the code matters although black and white may be okay. I don't know how many super markets will pay attention but I imagine the unique voucher details are theoretically important since they help stop some dodgy dairy printing out a few hundred or thousand and claiming half of the pottles they sold in the ~1 month had a voucher.

    • I'm sure they would be able to scan the barcode from your phone?

      • Unlikely, they need to send the coupon in to The Coupon Company

  • By the way, nice first post OP.

  • No coupon came through

    • Mine took about 5 minutes.
      Maybe check your spam folder in case it went there?

  • Request.coupon company has lots of good coupon but you need to login to be able to get them. Anyone have an account?

  • Thanks, this yoghurt is super yum.
    Has anyone managed to show the code on their phone to redeem instead of printing? I feel like surely if I can scan my onecard off my phone surely they can do a coupon too?

    • I don’t think it’s something they scan. They manually adjust the price and keep the piece of paper.

    • At least for preprinted ones, these generally have to be sent in by the supermarket to the manufacturer or maybe whoever is in charge of the coupon.

      Edit: Confirmed the coupon I received has the standard wording that it has to be sent in by the retailer (to The Coupon Company). Unless you're planning to let them send your phone in, I don't think letting them scan it on your phone will work. I maybe should clarify I don't know if they really have to send them in or the coupon companies trust them enough at least the two major chains. But the coupons always say they have to be sent in and I know they generally seem to make sure to keep them. Even if they don't normally send them in, it's possible they may randomly audit.

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    Might be useful to mention this is for the Indulge range not the normal (1kg) Fresh'n Fruity

    • I'd prefer if it was the other way around. I've had this before and didn't think it was all that different to regular yogurt

      • Yeah, I'd think it's just a gimmick to charge more, with a different packaging and a name that sounds "premium"…haha

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          It's definitely a creamier thicker yogurt

  • i got the coupon but it says u need to print it off, i dont have a printer,u cant just show the coupon on yophone,needs be printed off on piece of paper

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      has to be printed because they need to send the coupon off to coupon company

  • damn this yoghurt is 5 50 where i live at countdown, its not for sale at paknsave

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    This is normally double the price of the normal 1kg yogurt, as it is only 500gm. Is it that much better?

    • Probably not, but BOGOF probably good enough for a treat

      • At least it allows you to mix the flavors up instead of 1kg of the same

    • Ahh…I thought it's 1kg, wasn't mentioned in the title…haha, I wouldn't have given them my email address if I realised that earlier.

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    For the East Auckland cheapies, they sometimes sell this at Why Knot. Can't remember the price though

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  • The barcode is the same on all the vouchers; it is only the unique id and name that is variable. This means there is nothing stopping anyone from just printing multiple copies and using the coupon as many times as they want. Also, the pdf is true and has a text layer, which means it's just a simple matter of inspecting element and you've got a brand new coupon.

  • I tried to use a coupon once on my phone, didn't work. They said they actually need the physical coupon print out as a proof to send to the promoter.

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    Yoghurt coupons will always give me strong vibes of Anchor's Symbio yoghurt promo over a decade ago.

    There wasn't a unique code and the voucher was valid for 5 years.

    End result I paid $0 for yoghurt (and in some cases when the yoghurt was on sale, paid to buy it) for half a decade.

    • That would be awesome.
      We go through quite a bit of yoghurt so a coupon like that would be quite useful.

      • +1

        it got to a point where my local New World refused to take the vouchers. So we started going to another one for the free yog :D

  • For Cheapies members in the North Shore, PaknSave Wairau is selling them at $1.99 each, but only the "Apricot Nectarine" flavour - not seen on the Fresh'n Fruity website. Friday 6th to Sunday 8th only.

    FYI PnS Wairau isn't on grocer.nz as this particular store doesn't have online shopping.


  • PaknSav Mt Albert have it for $3.49

    • They also have Orange Kumara for $1.99/kg

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