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EXIDE Car Batteries (Extreme XN70ZZLMF $279, N70ZZMF $259, DIN66MF $229, X60CPMF $159) @ Bunnings


BUNNINGS are now selling EXIDE car batteries.

I was quoted $389 for a Century battery by SUPERCHEAP. A higher spec EXIDE battery at BUNNINGS is $279 and it has 12 months (50%) more warranty. That's a $110 saving ! ! !

The only downsides are that you have to know which Exide fits your car and you have to fit it yourself or find someone to do it for you. A cheap workshop would do it for around $20. Supercheap aren't fitting batteries at the moment due to a shortage of staff.

Exide Extreme XN70ZZLMF Vehicle Battery $279
Exide Endurance N70ZZMF Vehicle Battery $259
Exide Endurance DIN66MF Vehicle Battery $229
Exide Extreme X60CPMF Vehicle Battery $159
Exide Endurance N70ZZLMF Vehicle Battery $259
Exide Endurance 55D23CMF Vehicle Battery $208
Exide Extreme XDIN77MF Vehicle Battery $259
Exide Endurance 60CPMF Vehicle Battery $159
Exide Extreme X56DMF Vehicle Battery $219
Exide Extreme XN70ZZMF Vehicle Battery $279
Exide Powerider U1RMF Lawn Mower Battery $159
Exide Extreme X56CMF Vehicle Battery $219
Exide Endurance N50ZZLMF Vehicle Battery $219
Exide Endurance N50ZZMF Vehicle Battery $229
Exide Endurance 52DMF, 54CMF Vehicle Battery $199
Exide Powerider U1LMF Lawn Mower Battery $159

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  • Good call out, checking on a couple of 650-750 CCA spec batteries sees $120-150 savings

  • Just beware that many JDM cars have skinny battery posts, so it isn't just the size of that battery that needs consideration.

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      Yes. To be really sure I've always taken the old battery in, or ask if you can take the new one to your car. To 100% check fitment. Last time at the warehouse they were happy for me to take a couple in a trolley to check against mine before paying (Staffer came with me). Easier on the paperwork for them, and me. Compared to buying it, then returning it 2 mins later coz it's wrong.

  • The Warehouse also sell Exide batteries so you can get the 5% on top of Bunnings, they only stock the low-mid tier ones though.

    • With The Warehouse you could also use the MarketClub '$5 off $50' spend to save a few more dollars.
      In-store only so you can't order online but you can still scan the MarketClub QR code at the checkout.

      • Note with the Warehouse their batteries may have sat on the shelf forever. Probably the same will go for Bunnings too later on as they aren't the first retailer people think of when they need a car battery.

        Check the manufacture date on the battery before you buy. Get a fresh one if possible.

  • I just replaced my battery, I ended up going with https://batterytown.co.nz/ as they were the cheapest, offered free install and came with a 36month warranty.
    They don't publish the prices but my battery was cheaper than the Exide batteries on Bunnings, those on Repco and Warehouse. The only place cheaper was Supercheap Auto on Trade pricing by about $40 but I wasn't near a store at the time.

    • Same Exide models or equivalent from other brands?

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        Hey, it is a Hella Endurant battery. So not Exide, but with slightly more warranty.

  • Yeah, batteries are something you can really wait for a sale, most of the time you need it immediately. Supercheap's Century batteries go on special sometimes, and you can get a price beat at Mitre10. Same with the others that sell Exide, TWH can go up to 30% discount on car batteries sometimes, then you get a price match elsewhere.

  • If anyone has an N3 discount card then you can get a pretty siginificant discount on Century Yuasa / Exide batteries.
    As an example I got myself a Century Yuasa 55D23LMF Battery for $149 direct from Century Yuasa in Christchurch.
    They won't give any pricing over the phone and you have to go direct but it was a good saving compared to the likes of SCA or M10.
    I simply went there, showed them my card and told them what battery I wanted.

    • Can you pm me your N3 referral link?

      • Sorry there isn’t a link with a referral code.
        The only referral system with N3 requires all the contact and business details which I can’t share.

  • Century yuasa is Japanese brand. Exide is a Indian brand. I think it’s better than exide. So I think it’s better to pay a bit more to get a better one like century yuasa. I m using a century battery in my RAV4, it’s been 4 years now, and the battery is still going well.

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      I could be wrong, but I think the Exide you're talking about is not the same as the Exide brand car batteries commonly sold here, which is an American brand.

  • Bunnings tower junction mistakenly scanned the top tier 219$ battery for the 159$ standard one. Thanks OP

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