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ANZ Airpoints Visa Platinum: Signup & Receive 400 Airpoints with $1000 Spend in The First 3 Months ($150 Annual Fee)


$150 annual fee (charged $75 half-yearly).

Minimum annual income $60,000.

Minimum $8,000 credit limit.

Earn 1x Airpoints Dollar for every $85 spent and 1x Status Point for every $250 spent.


400 bonus Airpoints Dollars offer: ANZ lending criteria, terms, conditions and fees apply. Offer only available for a limited time on new ANZ Airpoints Visa Platinum cards, when you spend at least $1,000 on eligible purchases in the first three months of having the card. Offer only available once per customer. Offer not available on multiple cards, on transfers from any existing ANZ credit cards, if you have had an ANZ Airpoints credit card or ANZ CashBack credit card within the last 12 months, or in conjunction with other credit card offers or package discounts. If you transfer or cancel your ANZ Airpoints Visa Platinum card before points are applied or becoming eligible for these bonus points, you will become ineligible for this benefit. The bonus Airpoints Dollars will be added to your Airpoints account in the month after you have spent $1,000. Eligible purchases do not include cash advances, balance transfer, the purchase of cash substitutes (such as travelers cheques), gambling transactions, or business related expenses.

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    Minimum annual income on the website is $60k

    • You're right, my mistake! Post updated

  • Not bad

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    Pretty good deal, but having just signed up for a new credit card a couple of months ago, I'm in no hurry to do it again. It was about 3 times as much work as the last mortgage application we had to do (2 years ago), due to the CCCFA amendments.

    • Maybe it's because I'm an ANZ customer already, but I found it pretty quick to do via the bank portal — took me about four minutes.

      • We talked to them to upgrade to this one from our existing airpoints card and they said "have you got 2 hours to talk through the application on the phone".

        It's a credit card upgrade mate not taking out a mortgage.

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          2 hours would have been great. We applied for the Westpac Platinum Airpoints card. I spent about an hour and a half compiling all the required documentation and filling out the online application. Got a call back a week or so later while WFH and got told they needed to go over a few things - the rep said it was going to be perhaps an hour or so, turned it that my wife and I were on the phone for over 1.5 hours, then a week later they called and we talked for almost 2 hours again. All the while furnishing them with ever growing piles of documentation: receipts, statements, payslips, valuations, insurance policies, letters from employer and more. It was truly over the top, invasive and unnecessary. We got it in the end but until banks relax significantly, I'm not getting another one.

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    I signed up for this last year and I still got declined even though I have no debt , good income & a great credit rating . They then offered me another non airpoints credit card on nearly the same credit limit which I declined . They also drilled though my bank statements with a fine tooth comb . Amex is much easier to get without the hoops you have to jump through to get this card .

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      Yes i agree with that. Amex Airpoint card is so easy to apply, and no annual fee too. My card arrived within a week from application.

    • Same experience, when I tried this last time. It was a total waste of time.

    • I'm with ANZ, and I tried last time and the dude said I got my security questions wrong and that I had to come in person.
      Got some peeved off that I just hung up. Ok man, you know my personal info better than me it seems 🧐

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    When using this in combination with stores that have airpoints (New World especially) these add up really quickly. Much higher return than the $150 annual fee particularly if you use your credit card for everything.

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      Unfortunately they diluted the earning power last year, quietly. It used to be $75 = 1 AP

      • Yep now $85 = 1 AP, so same as Kiwibank Platinum. The APR is a whole 1% lower on the ANZ card though.

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    Expired ASB Visa Platinum deal looks nicer in hindsight TBH. More flexibility with True Rewards.

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    Great find. A lot of uses within the apple store for items as well.

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    They added Covid coverage:

    With recent updates to epidemic and pandemic cover, you may now be eligible for cover when you or a travel companion contract COVID-19 while travelling, including travel or medical costs. Find out more in the policy endorsement (PDF 87KB).

    • That's good to hear. I asked Kiwibank if they covered and they said no.

  • can you cancel after 3 months to avoid paying the $75 half yearly fee?

    • No. The $75 gets charged in your first month’s statement.

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        Can you cancel after that $75? Effective reward being $325 Airpoints?

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          yes !

        • Just make sure you use the airpoints. Otherwise they get wiped!

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            @CheapJimmy: I don’t believe that’s the case. Once it’s in your AirPoints balance it’s out of the bank’s hands.

            I recently did something similar with Westpac $400 bonus AP by downgrading from Platinum to their free card. My bonus AP remained. And what’s even better: they refunded my half-yearly fee!

            ANZ may work differently of course. YMMV

          • @CheapJimmy: What do you use the airpoints for?

  • Do you know if ANZ has a retention offer after the initial first year ? Similar to the AMEX one ? i.e. after 1 year, if you ring to cancel they may offer 200-500 points for you to stay on ?

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      Banks generally don't do that unless you have a big mortgage with them and salaries paid into your account with them.

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    just got my $400 Airpoints in the first month and cancelled straight away:)

    • Did you spent $1000 as soon as you got the card and the credit it to you?

      • yes, the 400 Airpoints credit to my Airpoints balance.
        Funny thing is they credit my 75 card fees as well…

        • That's a bonus! Hopefully they don't take the airpoints back? Or have you already used it?

  • Anyone know if you can get this card if you already have a visa airpoints card with another bank?

    • yes, I have American Express and this.

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    Anyone know if this promotion is still active? It says valid until 30 June on the AirNZ website but no reference on the ANZ website

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