Use Your Flybuys Points to Donate to NZ City Missions (25 Points = $5 NW Giftcard Donated) @ Flybuys NZ


Not the usual 'Cheapies' deal as such but if you have a handful of Flybuys points left or are feeling generous then you can use some of those points to help families in need.

Use your Points for good and make those in need a little bit happier. You can now donate your Flybuys Points towards New World gift cards for New Zealand’s City Missions until 29 May 2022.

For every 25 Points donated, $5 will be donated to New Zealand’s City Missions in the form of New World gift cards.

The gift cards will be divided equally between Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch City Missions.

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Fly Buys NZ


  • +4

    new world…ripoffs.they should donate paknsave GCs instead

    • It's clearly an aspirational strategy. i.e. one day they could become a New World shopper.

  • Only less than a 11% donation deduction when you donate. For every $5 you give, you can give an extra $0.54 more. Likely more than made up by the profits they are going to make when they are used. how generous of flybuys

  • can these donated flybuys be taken as tax deduction with the IRD? how much is a flybuy worth?

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