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[PS4, PS5, PC, XB1, XSX] Battlefield 2042 $13.73 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Great deal - $13.73 delivered (AU$12.63)

"A World Transformed by Disorder: In 2042, extreme weather events and resource conflicts have shifted the balance of global power.The United States and Russia stand at the brink of war, while a mix of Non-Patriated combat veterans form independent groups known as Task Forces. Fight to define the future in this never-before-seen theater of war"

*Update: PC version is now $29 AUD (expired)

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  • Same price from Amazon for the Xbox and PC versions as well (all AUD$9). Pity the reviews of the game are all so poor, which is then reflected in the number of online players.

    • Thanks, edited the link and title

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    Sad what happened here. Long time BF player and fan. Best thing about this game is I found Insurgency Sandstorm. Highly recommend to fill the void.

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    IMO it's worth it at this price. It may turn out to be an okay game once Season One lands. Definitely the worst BF game ever, though. Online numbers have gone up a bit since the patch last week.

  • PS5 copy already sold out, just as I was trying to buy it too….

    • Back in stock now :)

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    You would have to pay me to play this game xD

  • Thanks for sharing this. I wanted to buy one for PC but it is showing $29 I thought it was for $9 for PC as well as or am i missing something?

    • Might have sold out at the $9 price. Someone said the PS5 one sold out yesterday but it's $9 again now, so I suggest keeping an eye out during the day and hopefully it'll return :)

  • Was disappointed with the 10hr trial offered through Gamepass but worth another try at this price. Thanks for sharing.

    • Update: delivered Monday and played a few hours last night. Either I've tempered my expectations or the incremental improvements have made for a better play experience. Still lacking numbers outside of peak hours. Worth it at this price, easily. I should add, its back on sale for $9AUD

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