VPN for 27 Months $89.5 + GST @ Surfshark VPN


Not sure when this coupon will expire.
2 years plan plus 3 months free,
$89.5 + 15% GST = $102.925 (may vary based on exchange rate) will be charged.
roughly $3.81 per month.


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    Might as well wait until CashRewards offers 90% to 96% cashback again (new Surfshark customers only). Or ShopBack if you manage to create an account.


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  • I am using surfshark atm. My first VPN, its performance is a little disappointing. I am tied to it for awhile…. just wondering if other company is much better? Anyone used this and some other brand before and noticed much difference? Thank you.

    • What are you using it for?

      For me it depends on the purpose. I have NordVPN (same company as Surfshark) and it does most things I need it to do. Paid $30 for two years. Works great with Paramount+ and AUTV. I have TunnelBear (free) on the side just in case (signing up to South Africa NBA league pass for example doesn't work with Nord).

      Windscribe seems to get mentioned quite a bit.

      • My usage is not that sophisticated. I just noticed my download speed i.e. browsing speed reduced significant enough for me to notice.

      • If you are using VPN for watching Netflix, Nord VPN only support below countries(got it via Netflix CS):
        Here are the supported regions:

        The US
        The UK
        The Netherlands

      • How are you watching Paramount+? I have a subscription, but haven't managed to get it to work via NordVPN. Any help much appreciated!

        I see in a previous post you have NordVPN installed on your PC, and watch via Edge. I have NordVPN running on my modem, so will give the PC option a go.

        • Yep exactly that; desktop app + browser. I haven’t used it in a while (free anyway) but can test it if required.I also have it running with Dns4me on my Android box but it buffers a lot.

      • what's your AUTV setup?

        • Standard Freeview AU thanks to MattHuisman. Just needed VPN for the '7' channels.

          • @Wakrak: any device required?

            • @justaddwater: Depends on how you want to watch it. On PC through Kodi, on an Android box, on your phone…

              I have it on my Android box through CoreELEC.

  • I run Freeview AU through Matt Huisman on Sony TV with iptv and is brillant . but know channel 7 and 10 buffer and drop out constantly , others work fine . is this just my internet speed ? as have re loaded and restarted everything but keeps happening

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