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[eBook] Hands-on Python with 162 Exercises, 3 Projects, 3 Assignments & Final Exam: BEGINNER (1011 Pages) US$0.99 @ Amazon US


Enjoy :)

Also, those interested in Video course:

This Udemy course includes:
45.5 hours on-demand video
21 articles
66 downloadable resources
2 practice tests
3 coding exercises
Full lifetime access
Access on mobile and TV
Certificate of completion

Kindle Edition eBook: Hands-On Python with 162 Exercises, 3 Projects, 3 Assignments & Final Exam: BEGINNER

This book is an in-depth and activity-based introduction to Python programming. It follows a unique approach by combining the theory of the language with the hands-on coding exercises. It will start from the absolute zero point, from ‘Hello World!’, and will cover all of the fundamental concepts. You will learn and practice all the basics of Python programming in this book.

Here is what you will find in this book:
Theory: In each topic, we will cover all the Theoretical Details with example coding.
True/False (42 questions): We will have True/False questions at the end of the sub-topics.
Coding Exercises (120 questions): At the end of each chapter, we will have Coding Exercise, Quizzes, of 10 questions.
Projects (3): We will have 3 Projects in this book. You will learn how to apply Python concepts on real world problems.
Assignments (3): After each project, you will have an Assignment. These assignments will let you build the project from scratch on your own.
Final Exam: At the end of this book you will have the Final Exam. It is a multiple choice exam with 20 questions and a limited duration. The exam will let you to test your Python level.

By the end of this book, you will learn almost all the fundamental concepts in Python in great detail.
You will find all the supplementary resources (starter files, quizzes, assignments, final exam etc.) available for download at the Github Repository which I have created for this book. The link for the repository is provided in the book.

1. Introduction
2. Getting Started
3. The First Program
4. Variables
5. Functions I
6. Project 1 – Functions
7. Assignment 1 – Functions
8. Conditional Statements
9. Functions II
10. Loops
11. Strings
12. Project 2 - Words
13. Assignment 2 – Words
14. List
15. Dictionary
16. Tuple
17. Set
18. Comprehension
19. Project 3 - Snake Game
20. Assignment 3 - Snake Game
21. Final Exam
22. Conclusion

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  • Bit confused here OP. Soon as I sign-in the $0.99 option disappears and I have to pay $29.23

    • Try to use US VPN & select US region

      • Thanks. I figured it out. I had to go to Content & Devices on Amazon AU and change my country/region under Preferences from NZ to USA.

        • Hi… do you know any consequences of doing this? Will I lose access to my books purchased from the Amazon AUS shop in my kindle device?

          • @soyfefo: Unsure about book purchases. Don't recommend anyway because it stuffed up my Alexa devices.

            Try the VPN trick as Begin Askhole suggested.

            • @Wakrak: Yeah.. I always had trouble to understand how Amazon and its regions work, seems very restrictive. Thank you for your suggestion, I tried with a VPN but nothing happened sadly, it still shows $29.23 … It is what it is I guess.
              Thank you @Wakrak

              • @soyfefo: Alternatively, could create a new account just for Amazon US?

                • @Wakrak: I will try that maybe later today. It's crazy as I created my account while living in Argentina and I created it in Amazon US… I will have to do my research.
                  Thanks for your help.

                  • @soyfefo: if Amazon US doesn't work for you then you can still get it Amazon AU for around A$2.49 . not same price as US but still comes cheaper.

          • @soyfefo: I did this a while ago, so I could access the Kindle Family sharing feature (not available in AU). I think there were a few books that I lost access to if they weren't already on a device, maybe just the ones which aren't available in USA.

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