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Zotac Trinity OC RTX 3070 Ti 8GB $999 or RTX 3080 10GB $1299 (+ Shipping) @ Computer Lounge


Cheapest i’ve seen these cards for a little while especially ones in stock. Probably clearing space for the 4000 series

Link above takes you to the RTX 3070 Ti but link for the RTX 3080 below

ZOTAC GeForce RTX 3080 Trinity OC 10GB LHR Graphics Card

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  • its there an expected date on the 4000 series? i wasnt expecting them till Q1/Q2 2023

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      I read a few articles that sound the expected release date could be around September 2022? Not sure how accurate that estimate is

  • That is some REALLY good pricing SHEEESH!
    I saw the 6700xt come down to $900 but this is even better damn!

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    Anyone know much about the brand? REALLY tempted… tempted by the 3080 since its such a good price but I dont even play in 1440p yet

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      Yup, Zotac is pretty decent. I personally have a Zotac 3070 and it's pretty good. Mine doesn't run very hot and it only has a two fan design. I haven't had any issues with it since I got it last year in November 2021.
      Generally, Zotac cards sit around the middle for their chip quality and coolers, so not really for fine-tuning/overclocking.

      You won't be able to overclock that nicely on these cards, but they are good value for money from a decent brand.

      They will be all good if you just want to play some games :D

  • On a side note does anyone recall what the NZ RRP was for the RTX 3000 series cards when they first released?

    • I paid $1550 for a cheaper 3080 card around release

    • I paid $1253 for an Asus 3070 TUF back in January of 2021.

    • I was looking for one around the time they realized - these cards were generally the only ones sub 1k with the other brands going up to 1400~

    • I paid $1577 for an "ASUS TUF OC Geforce RTX 3080 10GB" back in November 2020.

      • Interesting to see cards finally below rrp

  • Really tempted, but hard to dive in when 4000 series is right around the corner.

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    $50 off at CL with American Express as well

  • I heard a rumour that retailers and board partners are trying to dump GPU's because of potential oversupply.

    Could be a good winter ahead!

  • Does anyone know how legit is the Warranty Note: "No Warranty if used for Cryptocurrency Mining."

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      "Was this used for crypto?" "Nah mate" "K."

  • dang, was looking at it last night 5+ left, check again this morning and all gone :( hopefully will be other sweet deals on the 3080s, or else will wait and see hows the 4000 series made it this far with the 1080 why not wait a bit longer hah.

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