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Panasonic 55" JZ980 OLED 4K Tv $2094 + Delivery or Free Pickup @ Smiths City, Harvey Norman, Heathcotes


Currently Smiths City, Heathcotes and Harvey Norman are doing $340 off the Panasonic 55" JZ980 OLED tv bringing it down to $2094 which is over $200 cheaper than this tv has ever been advertised for before.

Perfect for watching movies or next gen gaming, it has HDMI 2.1, offers HFR gaming, supports VRR, does all the main HDR formats, Atmos sound, it's a lot of tv for less than $2100.

Full specs

Smiths City (limited stock online)


Also a quick Digital Foundry video explaining why you should stay away from the new LG C2 OLEDs for now especially if you're into gaming or don't like the color pink very much https://youtu.be/9SZLIGTFqiQ?t=1537

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  • Some brief yarns about this tv over at Geekzone

    Looks like it has been at this price since at least April 13.

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      Yeah I thought I saw on HN that the special pricing ended today but when I went back there the date had disappeared off the product page.

  • With the recent sales on these in the past few days, I've been looking at OLEDS tv options as well. From what I gather, the best two options in this price range are the LG C1 and the Sony A80J, which both look to have similar excellent reviews . This Panasonic is about $300 cheaper than those two, so I wonder how it compares.

    • The C1 is definitely the best for gaming, there's no questions there, but for movies if I'm being honest I've seen quite a few OLEDs in friends houses and they all looked the same to me.

      • same LG panel, different badge apparently

  • Looks like a good deal. not sure how it compares with LG C1

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      nice edit

      This was released by Panasonic as their direct competitor to the C1

      • cheers, didnt realise it was a new-ish model.

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          It retailed for the same as the 55" C1, of course just because it cost the same doesn't make it better or worse or even the same quality as the LG, but it's no lemon that's for sure.

          • @HmmYepNah: defo. guessing all the HDMI ports are 2.1. can also be used as a monitor given it supports AMD Freesync Premium*11

      • FYI direct competitor would be JZ1000 with JZ2000 coming somewhat closer to LG G1.

        980 is a 100hz panel, similar to LG A1.

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      I use a 65” C1 in the living room and a 55” JZ1000 in the bedroom. The JZ1000 has the “Master HDR” panel, as opposed to the “OLED” panel in the JZ980, but from all accounts they’re very similar.

      The C1 has four HDMI 2.1 ports, which is great for me - I have PS5, Xbox Series X, Apple TV & an eARC amplifier all plugged in at the same time to HDMI 2.1 (though technically eARC only uses HDMI 2.0). On my Panasonic there are only two 2.1 ports, one of which is the ARC/eARC port. If you’re connecting more than one HDMI 2.1 device and a soundbar/amp, you’re going to need a splitter.

      Picture quality wise, they’re very similar. The Panasonic doesn’t look as “smooth” as the LG, and the brightness tends to be slightly dimmer overall. I assume this is more down to accuracy than the actual capabilities of the panel. The Panasonic supports HDR10+ Adaptive and Dolby Vision, while the LG only supports Dolby Vision, so Amazon Prime looks a little better on the Panasonic. Additionally, the Panasonic supports filmmaker mode on HDR10+/Dolby Vision, so it looks much more colour accurate. Both support VRR/ALLM/Dolby Vision for gaming, though only the LG supports Dolby Vision for gaming at 120Hz. You’re not missing much, though - both support HDR at 120Hz, and it’s difficult to distinguish the difference.

      tl;dr - if you’re watching films, the Panasonic is better. If you’re playing games, the LG is better. If you need more than one HDMI 2.1 port + ARC/eARC, the LG is better. YMMV.

      • if you’re watching films, the Panasonic is better

        There's also something to be said if you're looking to use the onboard software. LG's webOS is much better than the panasonic in house stuff (although they are transitioning to android TV at their low end). That remote (with the magic cursor) has kept the in laws very happy with their TV

        • +1

          Speaking of webOS, bit disappointed that they changed the home setup. On my old LG, the home button would bring up the apps list over the top of what I was currently watching. Now it takes you to a separate home page. Thankfully I can still program the numbers to be a specific app.

          • @Wakrak: Gotta have somewhere to serve ads I guess. Old webos was way more discrete, you're right!

  • How does this compare to sony x85j or x90j for ps5 gaming?

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      The x90j is the best out of those 2 but even so it's only a VA panel and it's not going to beat the picture quality that an OLED will give you. When it comes to gaming features they both have 2 HDMI 2.1 sockets for HFR gaming, the Panasonic has lower input lag, but only by 4-5ms, and better utilization of VRR. The x90j according to RTings disables local dimming when VRR is turned on so you'll lose a bit of picture quality and notice more blooming around light objects on dark backgrounds when VRR is active, the Panasonic being an OLED doesn't have this problem.

      OLEDs run the risk of burn in if static images are displayed on the screen uninterrupted for an extended period of time, but all OLED manufacturers have their own software to mitigate or even eliminate the chances of that happening, though it's still a thing to take into consideration if you spend 30 hours a week playing the same game with the same hud on the screen for extended periods of time.

  • Just Smiths City now. The other two stores increased their price.

    • $1,894 after $200 cashback. Price match other retailers.

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