Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked and Choc Brownie 458ml $4.99 (60% off) @ Pak N Save, Moorhouse


$4.99, usually $12.35

Just the two flavours, the rest are full price.

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    For those in Auckland wanting something similar, Ben and Jerry's 'half baked' and 'Netflix and chilled' flavours are $4.99 at 'Why Knot' in Highbrook. Häagen-Dazs 500ml Blueberry and cookie dough are also $3.99 there.

    • sweet, havent been there in months fearing that place might be like a super spreader with how packed it can get.

      • it's a really good place, heard about it from a family friend and just fell in love. I think as long as you're wearing a mask the risk is low. I always have 2 masks on - especially since I attend Mount Albert Grammar which is just a covid breeding ground

        • Went today at three. No Ben and Jerry's that I could see. Pretty poor stock selection today compared to other times

          • @Stoffel: I don't blame them for selling out, it's a real deal!!
            Hopefully they do have stock again soon
            do they still have Häagen-Dazs in stock?
            It's been about a week since I last went.

            • @kiwiicheapies: Yes there was some Haagen Daz there

              • @Stoffel: That's good. I prefer the Häagen-Dazs anyways. we got half baked ben and Jerry's last time we went and it was too sweet.

          • @Stoffel: The good stuff are usually gone within a day thanks to dairy owners. Their trolleys are usually stacked with boxes. I also would not go near some of dodgy looking imported stuff.

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      Being a cheapie, I usually go to the Much Moore factory outlet just a few doors down the road….haha

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        you should see our deep freeze.. we have about 10 2l tubs in our freezer ahahha

      • Are the prices good there?

        • $2 for a 2L tub (the last I know), including the "premium" versions. They are factory seconds, not perfect but perfectly edible. Examples of imperfections are half filled tubs (you'll learn how to pick the full ones after a while, haha), mixed up
          flavours (should happen when they change over from one flavour to another), salted caramel without the caramel, etc.

          They also have other sizes, 5L, 10L ones, etc. But I found the 2L ones are the cheapest per L most of the time and fit our freezer easy.

          • @akrotohur: If they are overstocked sometimes, the 2L ones will go for a dollar.

            • @The Hound: Really? I've never seen them going for a dollar. But I don't go there very often, only when I happen to be in the area.

          • @akrotohur: Oh awesome, thank you for replying. I've always seen the shop when I've been to whyknot but never ventured up there. Will go next time.

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      Ok fun police… more for us

  • I can add paknsave Tauranga (the crossing) also had this deal a few days ago.

    I got a couple of the chocolate it's decent but not nearly the quality of kinchy gold chocolate & boysenbery

  • Anyone knows if they still have stock in moorhouse? Ignore if that a silly question 🥺

    • There was about 3-4 left in the freezer when I popped in just under 2hrs ago

    • There were only a few Half Baked left in their usual place in the freezer when I was there at 7pm ish.. but at one end of the chest freezers there was a shitload of Half Baked, and maybe 6 Choc Brownie

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    I swear ben and Jerrys taste like absolute chemical crap.. like.. horrifically bad.

    Literally <any nz ice cream> tastes 500x better.

  • Choc fudge brownie has dropped down to $3.99

  • Uncle Ben's Express Rice for $1 is pretty good too (180g).
    Same packet is $3.19 at New World

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