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Philips OLED804 55" 4K OLED Android Smart TV with Ambilight $1699 + Shipping @ PB Tech (Instore Stock Only)


Cheapest I've seen for 55" Oled. I have purchased this last black Friday for $1999, works well with decent black levels.

Please note: offer is for in-store stock only, will not be backordered. So please check stock levels prior from PB tech website.

Freeship didn't work for me, as TV categorized as a heavy item.

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  • This isn't the current years model. Their latest is 806 series, 805 is also @ $2298. https://www.pbtech.co.nz/product/TVPHS92155/Philips-OLED805-...

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    This seems like a really good deal ? next cheapests oled is the c1 in the post below.


    Is it a no brainer to buy this one for 1.7k over the 2.3k one ?

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      Biggest difference between the 2 models are gaming features. Unlike the C1 the Philips has no HDMI 2.1 or VRR support and its input lag for gaming is 33ms compared to the C1's 1ms.

      If you own one of the new consoles I'd get the C1, if you don't care about gaming if you just want a tv to watch movies on then the Philips is the way to go.

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      Oh man I just got the LG C1 a couple of hours ago, not sure if this was the right choice now….

      • You will be happy with the LG C1. Great OS and I still think LG has best panels and blacks.

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          Pretty much all OLED televisions use LG panels because LG is the only manufacturer of them.

          • @HmmYepNah: You’re right. My bad.

            • @relishpuke: The differences come down to the picture processing hardware that each company utilizes to put a picture on the panel, and Philips had quite a bit of hype around their P5 engine in 2019, the C1 though being a later model tv with newer hardware should have an edge over the Philips when it comes to picture quality, saying that though most people would probably have to have the 2 tv's side by side to notice any difference.

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    Oh man… I wish I didn’t have a tv right now..

    Also wish I had some money to buy this tv too

    • I paid ~$4000 for a 4K(no HDR) 65" inch about 4 or 5 years back, if that makes you feel better.

  • Phillips used to be the leading technology in television manufacturing and design, it isn't any more only by name it's a budget television made by Hong Kong-based TPV.

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