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[Auckland] Original Glazed Doughnuts: 2 Dozen $13.10, 3 Dozen $19.65 @ Krispy Kreme (Click & Collect Only)


Full credit to KJKNZ for the find.1

Supposed to be $12 per dozen but site seems to be glitched when you add multiple dozens to your order.

Discount might not show until you get to the payment screen.

Online orders

We don’t want you to miss out on a good thing! This offer will be extended Online for Click & Collect pre-orders* starting from 6pm 12th April and we'll be taking orders until midnight 13th of April.

*Pre-Orders can not be collected same-day. Date selected at check out is a commitment to collecting made-to-order product. Any missed collections will not be rescheduled or refunded.

Store locations

  1. Was hoping he/she would post the deal but has since gone offline. 

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    Amazing find thank you! Was weighing up the original 12 for $12 deal but this tipped me over the edge - 24 for $13.10

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    Thank you for posting Wakrak, I haven't learned how to post deals yet so commented on the original post :)

    • +1

      Great find by you. Wanted to post quickly encase it disappeared. The glitch is getting a lot of love over on OzBargain.

      • +2

        That's awesome! So happy I finally found a good deal to share here 😄

      • +1

        500+ votes over on OzBargain, damn lol

    • +1

      Deals tab and then button directly below it "+ Submit Deal" should work :)

      • +1

        Thank you, I will have a look into it now :)

      • +1

        Thanks again moodkiller, I have worked it out for next time

        • No problem, best of wishes on your next deal find!

    • +7

      Hey mate can you turn on your private messaging. If you had posted this deal, you would've won a Cheapies voucher. Doesn't affect me since I got in the top 5 with a different deal. Want to send you a voucher as a thanks for finding this glitch.

      • Nice offer 👍

      • Good on ya Wakrak.

      • Oh wow, thank you. I have just turned on private messaging.

        • +1

          Thanks again KJKNZ

  • +2

    Thank you, ordered two dozen

    • +2

      Are you going to sell the screenshot?

      • +1

        Mint it 😂

      • +2

        Lol! NFT anyone??

  • I can't get past the post code check. :( maybe it doesnt work on my chrome mobile browser

    • Put in your email > post code > store > collection date > collection time, then you should get the "next" button

      • It didn’t accept my postcode so I put in another one. It doesn’t really matter because they give you a list of stores to choose from anyways.
        Try 2104

        • +1

          Thanks, this post code worked. ordered a couple dozen. 😀

    • +1

      Was working on iOS Safari and Windows10 Edge when I last tried. I just chucked in my actual postcode (Hamilton) and it showed me what stores I could click & collect from in Auckland.

      • I'll try on my laptop in a bit.

    • Once you've done the postcode check underneath should be select store

  • +1

    Woah thanks!!

  • +2

    Apparently they freeze well according to comments over on OzB

    just make sure they are flat and put them in a cliplock bag, single layer…be gentle with them

  • +2

    12 for 12 couldn’t get me.. but 24 for $13.10 will do the trick!

  • Oh man, so tempted.. will be near a store on Friday and I’m able to select Friday for pick-up. Can anyone confirm that they’ll actually be open (Good Friday)?

    • Friday and Sunday appear to not be available options so I would assume closed! What are you doing on Saturday?

      • +1

        Hmmm odd, shows available for me. This is for the Manukau store. Will be in the area on that day so this is very tempting lol

        • True! Store dependant it seems, the Newmarket one is closed on those days (maybe CBD has to close and not surrounding areas). Lol Just got with 2 for $13, less expensive than $17 but not as regrefull haha.

    • +2

      I've just sent a Facebook message to them, will let you know if/when they reply

      • Thanks for that :) decided to put through the order. Hoping that seeing as I was able to select the day means they’re open as well!

  • +2

    Still working at 930pm on Tuesday, thanks op

  • +2

    Great find KJKNZ… not sure it was a good idea, but we bought three-dozen for $19.65.

  • I wanna get it so bad but I'm diabetic 😭

    • +17

      So will everyone else be shortly….

  • I just buy alot and gett all the sugar icing out and then just eat it like that. The dough is already sugary so still taste good.

  • +8

    I wonder if Krispy Kreme and Repco share an IT department?

  • +1

    Wow well done KJKNZ. What a find. Congrats for your epic first deal post! I wonder when I'll get to (sweats)… Everyone's so fast around here or amazing at finding all these great deals :) I just tried adding 4 and then 5 dozens into cart out of curiosity and it all seems to work out to be $6.55 per dozen.

  • still working at 10:27

  • -1

    Site is overloaded. According to Oz Bargain if you are able to get through it will work though. Are there really that many Australians ordering or just no surge capacity? Funny thing is I suspect there's a good chance it's too late even in Australia for anyone to notice there's a pricing error and take action. But site crashing could be enough for an automated alert and for a call out for someone to do something.

    • site dont load anymore :(

  • Lets go! Took an hour of fiddling but time for a post workout treat!😂

  • -1

    It's a scam! Last page in Krispy Kreme still $19.65 for 3 dozen but it charged me $52.35 when I see the invoice and credit card.

    • not on my invoice and credit card

    • Not in my invoice or credit card

    • Did you choose Click & Collect?
      It says 'Free Shipping' for orders of 3 Dozen but in order to get the $19.65 price you need to do Click & Collect to get the discounted price.

    • not so much a scam as a glitchy AF website atm. I had to try 30 or so times just to get to the checkout page, and probably 30 times once at checkout. I also did get one try where the discount just disappeared and like yourself was going to be charged full price. Luckily just refreshed and kept trying to go through with discount included. Currently have two charges sitting in bank account pending (hopefully will no go through as had no invoice from Krispy) and one that has gone through including invoice and confirmation email from KrispyKreme.

      Update: Confirmed one transaction was cancelled, the other was withdrawn and then refunded?? And the final successful transaction went through. So not a scam, just a glitchy website.


      No Gift Wrap
      3 $52.35
      Subtotal $52.35
      Grand Total (Excl.Tax) $45.52
      GST $6.83
      Grand Total (Incl.Tax) $52.35

      • Think you just got a bit unlucky. You could always contact KK and ask for a refund?

        All order changes or cancellations must be made by 3pm the working day prior to the collection date

  • +1

    finally order loaded and placed with click n collect .. ORIGINAL GLAZED® DOZEN

    No Gift Wrap
    2 $34.90
    Subtotal $34.90
    Discount -$21.80
    Grand Total (Excl.Tax) $11.39
    GST $1.71
    Grand Total (Incl.Tax) $13.10

  • The site/load problems make it difficult to be sure but it seems that 8 in one order is the limit for this deal ($6.55 per dozen). If you put 9 or more, it costs more per dozen/donut since the max discount seems to be $87.20. Note that whether because of the load problems or something else, the site also seems to randomly decide to change to shipping at times which increases the price (as mentioned by orders) until you adjust it I guess.

  • Has it been fixed? Price is now showing the expected $24.00 for 2 dozen even at the billing stage. Site has been glitchy but I think most previous problems were whole discount disappearing or changing to shipping and stuff like that rather than expected discount? Edit: Reports of same on OzBargain so yeah think it's dead.

    • +1

      Based off the comments and reports over at OzBargain, looks like it.

      edit - just saw the end of your paragraph.

      • Yeah I added it just before you posted I think so not surprising you missed it

  • No issues for a few people picking up their orders in Oz.

    • +1

      nice. it's gonna be a sweet saturday. :D

      • Sunday might not be so good for you though…🤢

        • Hahaha! yeah add to the mix TWH confectionery I bought for easter. 😆

  • Picked up (2 dozen) at manukau no drama. Lots of others doing the same thing based on the stack of orders on the bench there. Thanks again OP

  • Anyone needs 3 box for $19 pick up tmr at manukau? Just found out selected the wrong store

    • They're open on Easter Friday? Good lord

      • Yeah,their website says it's open

    • sure is it paied for, I'll pick it up.

    • sold

    • +1


      Seems sus!

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