$5 off One Order ($16 Minimum Spend), or $10 Off your First Order ($30 Minimum Spend)@ Hungry Panda Asian Food Delivery APP


【Important】You need to go to the mobile app store to search for 【HUNGRY PANDA】to download the app。

PROMO1:$5 off One Order ($16 Minimum Spend)
PROMO2:$10 Off Your First Order($30 Minimum Spend)

In total, there are more than 1,000 restaurants in Auckland, but only 150 are currently open. English menus for other restaurants are being added and will then go online。

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      It's a legitimate food delivery platform. Just broken english and typo's in the deal.


      I believe what the rep is posting is two deals: $10 off if it's your first order, but also $5 off $16 minimum spend coupon for everyone else.

      • Website is all janked up on mobile. Is it city specific? A bit more info in the post would be helpful

        • As scrimshaw said, definitely not a scam. Never used them or any food delivery search for that matter but they've been around for quite a while now and you sometimes see adverts in stores which are with them. I've also received bags from them in the past when ordering takeout over the phone. (Like I've received an Uber bag once or twice.) This was in Auckland and the website does mention Auckland only but whether it's Auckland exclusive I'm not sure.

          As for the website, both in the past and when I had a look now it's not particularly useful for customers. It's focused on restaurants and delivery "partners". The customer oriented stuff is all in the app.

  • Is it $10 or $5 off? Title says $5 but desc says $10…

  • Any English version of the app?

    • Wow, this has to be the first non English language deal…haha

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      The app linked above by scrimshaw is partly English at least on Android. It may default to Chinese although still gives the privacy thing in English. If you click the account on the far right bottom (person icon), you should see a language setting on the far left top (setting icon with 中/EN). Then there'll be a "语言切换 (Language)" option, click on it and you can select English. Some parts may still appear in Chinese but I think the essential parts are in English although as suggested above I've never used it for anything other than to look at what's there. Menus will depend on the restaurant I assume.

  • so $15 off in total for first order?

  • Yes so convert to English version of app as Nil above says . Added NEW10 also so $15 off with the two codes .

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