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One Day Sale @ New World (e.g., Fresh Cut Lettuce $0.99 - North Island)


New World One Day Sale is on today. Deals might vary store by store:
North Island
South Island

Some examples of the items on special are below:
North Island

Might vary store by store, the list online are only the main deals, but each store might put out additional deals. Might worth it to check each individual store's Facebook page

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New World
New World


  • Nice, thanks for sharing. Reckon the warehouse will price beat NW's 24 pack of coke with this one? Same size and number of cans, just on a tray instead of NW's box…


    • Hmm, not sure of that. I find that sometimes it really depends on the agent you got, some agent might be more lenient than others..

      • Probably not usually it has to be the same item same barcode etc

    • +3

      Mailey sorted me out so got it down to $14.39 :)

      • Nice, thanks! I'll give it a shot… As soon as the app lets me connect to someone on live chat. Is it normal for it to repeatedly tell me there are no agents available??

        • +1

          I'm having trouble with live chat this morning. Third time being dropped, with very slow replies to messages. Maybe short staffed - fair enough at the moment.

        • +1

          I always find live chat through the website to be much faster for some reason, so might worth checking that out if you haven't

  • +2

    Used The Warehouse's price promise on their app plus some codes to get a great deal on the Whittakers - $3.99 - 10% price promise = $3.59. $3.59 x 14 blocks = $50.26. $5 off $50 using app = $45.26. Free delivery code for $0 delivery. $45.26 / 14 = $3.23.

    Thank you cheapies!

    • Does price beat work with different flavours? Or did you buy 14 block same flavour?

      • It should work, the only thing is you would have to provide the links for the different flavours to the Warehouse chat agent. I'm doing one now (for 3 flavours), it's taking some time for them to check…

    • Do you have to do anything on the app to get the price promise? How would it know what site/store to compare against? Normally I'd have to call someone or use their live chat to do it.

      • +1

        I'm guessing catchthelight just used the in-app chat function which is no different to the browser live chat.

      • Live chat on the app can be found under Account > Help > Live Chat. Add the items to your cart (make sure you are logged in), then give them your email address and the link for the individual products with the lower price (e.g. https://www.newworld.co.nz/shop/product/5009651_ea_000nw?nam... …Creamy Milk being the best Whittakers flavour obviously) and they will adjust the price in your cart :)

        • thanks and yep I know how to use live chat on the app. Just didn't know that this is what you meant when you mentioned using their app.

  • Thanks! I price matched a few blocks of Whittakers.

  • -3

    This website is selling Almond Gold for $2.50 if you really want to take a punt. Hopefully find a live chat agent that doesn't do the research properly.

    • .. hopefully the agent wouldn't see the mention of '*very badly damaged outer paper package damage but foil wrapper & contents fine!'… in that website!

      • Yep they'd definitely have to be blind to miss it 🦮, but in saying that, TWH have done pricematches with stores located outside of New Zealand so anything is possible.

        • I have previously managed to get them to price match Exploding Kittens on Fruugo, ended up only paying about $14, so it might really jut comes down to luck

  • +1

    Whittakers Block 250g is going to be $4 at Countdown next week.

  • Coke 1.5L will be $1.89 starting from tomorrow. Similar deal got a few likes a while back but it's not that great when you consider the fact that PNS is currently doing 2x 2.25L for $5.

    • Can always price match with The Warehouse, seems to be brining the price down to only $0.10 difference for 4.5L total, good option for people who are not close to PnS

      • Only issue is that The Warehouse coke is a different flavour apparently.

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