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Zip Elite Frypan 20cm $14 (and Free Shipping) @ Briscoes


Another 1-Day Briscoes Flash Sale.

  • Pricing only valid until midnight Wed 6th April.
  • Available in-store and online
  • Standard shipping $6 ( or use code:ABA-RPAB22RDH2 for free shipping). Thanks to @Aneetap for the code
    Note: You must be logged in with a Briscoes account for it to work and it only works once per account.

Usual Retail on the frypan is $79.99 according to Briscoes but take that with a grain of salt as no-one ever pays full price there!

Other deals include:
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Zip Toaster Matt Black/Copper Colour 2 Slice Toaster for $39 (Retail of $129.99)
Ninja Dual Zone Air Fryer for $279 (Retail of $499.99)

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  • If anyone has an updated free shipping code then please share and I will update the post.
    My old code no longer works.

    • Will the shopping cart hack work on this? haha

      • It usually takes a couple of days to come through and by then the sale will be over.
        If anyone has an existing code then it should work.
        Hopefully someone has one and shares it.

      • wait, what shopping cart hack?

        • +1

          What they are meaning is that with Briscoes if you put something in your cart and then go through to the checkout but don't complete the order you will often get an email a couple of days later trying to encourage you to purchase what you left in the cart.
          With the email they include a free shipping code.

          The code itself is only valid once per account but is generic (like the Warehouse free shipping codes) so you can use it on a different account.
          Usually valid for a month or so.

          • @bigcheese: Ahh gotcha. I believe some hotels and airlines use this trick too. Good to know!

    • +3

      Got this 1st of April, not sure if it works, I have not used.

      • Yep that works.
        Thanks - I'll add it to the post.

      • Invalid coupon code. Please click here for more information

        • +2

          It works, just checked it now.

          Were you logged in when you tried it?
          You will get that message if you are not logged in.

  • Anyone used these before? Can't complain for $14 but would like it to do its job without deforming after a month or two. Just want to know what I'm signing up for haha.

    • +3

      I wouldn't waste your time with it. The nonstick doesn't last. Very much so get what you pay for with most ZIP products in my experience.

      The slight extra cost for a Tefal, Brabantia or Hampton & Mason is worth it imo.

      • +2

        Zip is Briscoes inhouse brand. They price it high like the more reputable brands just so they can slap a 50% discount on it to make it look like a bargain (whereas tefal might get 20% discount)

      • Agree that ZIP is not worth your time.

        Tefal is alright
        Hampton & Mason is also pretty trashy and excessively marked down all the time.

        Having had all the above I won't go back to any (tefal if I had to pick one)

        It's now all about Scanpan.

    • +1

      These pans are ok on induction, last about 18 months .The only thing is don't run them to hot like all of the non stick pans as with all of those coatings thay don't like high temp. I have a garage full of all the different brands, KitchenAid,Zip,Tefal etc they all suffer the same fate after a couple of years .Cooking steak, use cast iron.

      • No non-stick pan will withstand high heat, especially with induction where the heat comes very, very quickly. I had a stainless steel frypan from The Warehouse (supposed to be stronger than aluminium) and it still warped after a few weeks.

        For non-stick cookware I would stick to 😅 ceramic coatings, as I don't like having Teflon in my meals. For stainless steel I find that an aerosol cooking spray does wonders for low heat cooking.

      • +2

        For those with induction get 3-ply or even better 5-ply (full pot not just the base) cookware and you'll never buy another set ever.
        It'll cost you $300-600 for a few pots/set but well worth it.

        Unfortunately Nz doesn't have that many really good 5-ply cookware or is expensive.

        • Let me see, a Demeyere Proline 20cm Skillet $369 or a Zip 20cm Skillet $14.

          • +1

            @pdevonporf: Well as I said you can use cheap crap, have bad cooking experiences and continue rebuying every 18months then complain about it
            It's like getting a Toyota corolla and expecting it to be as classy as a Tesla or Bentley/Rolls Royce

            or just get better cookware that actually hold the heat in and cooks better (it also means you can cook at lower temps since the heat is held in the pot)

            Also its probably better to import 5-ply from like Aus/Europe or USA, NZ's shit for it.

            • @Huntakillaz: Still something as basic as a quality frypan shouldn't cost 26 times as much as a cheap one. I mean cookware isn't rocket science.

              And reading the 3rd review from the link below, the 5-ply KitchenAid frypan still ended up warped. In that case a bulletproof, no-hassle lifetime warranty is required for such an expensive product, which I don't think Amazon will provide.


              • @Avantime: really depends some brands are shit others aren't, you have too do you research, just like when you buy other things from overseas and see if warranty and guarantees apply or not, some brand have global some don't. The links I have are examples of a cookware set rather than buying a single pot, you shop around to what suits you not just buy what I say 🤦‍♂️

                Also picking out the only less than 3 star review and using that as the basis for deciding that the product is bad, ignoring 200 others 🤦‍♂️

                "Cookware isn't rocket science" lol why doesn't everyone just use aluminum then (your $14 frypan is made from aluminum not high quality steel)
                if cookware quality didn't matter why do professional chefs not just shop at the warehouse? why doesn't everyone just get cheap warehouse cookware? shouldn't matter now should it.

                Why spend $400-$2k on an induction cooktop why not just get a


                • @Huntakillaz: I'm well aware that your links are for sets, but you look at other similar products and they have different problems, e.g. the aluminium layer becomes exposed and corrodes if put in the dishwasher.

                  My point with the 3 star review is that one can warp an expensive 5-ply frypan, with video evidence. You don't just look at 5 star reviews because of the rampant shilling on Amazon, and sellers routinely bait-and-switch with lower quality products, or even send you a used & returned product. This is crucial because international warranty returns with such a heavy object will be very problematic if Amazon or the seller doesn't pony up, in other words if it warps or corrodes you're potentially screwed. I personally received a dirty, clearly used & returned item from Amazon when the listing is marked as brand new, so it's always caveat emptor as Amazon is just the middleman.

                  "why doesn't everyone just use aluminum then" because not everyone uses induction, and aluminium has some advantages over stainless. And stainless cookware from Kmart & The Warehouse are within a similar $15-$30 price range. This particular frypan is a one-day Briscoes special, possibly a loss leader or clearance item. Again pressing layers of aluminium and stainless steel together isn't rocket science, and definitely not 20x more expensive. What we're seeing instead are massive retail markups because of the "aspirational prosumer" tax, as if people think they can somehow make restaurant quality meals by buying expensive kitchen appliances and high-end branded cookware. Same reason why people buy Vitamix blenders and $1000 coffee machines.

                  "if cookware quality didn't matter why do professional chefs not just shop at the warehouse?" They shop at commercial kitchenware retailers like Nisbets, and they don't pay RRP. Plus they can take depreciation (they don't actually want a BIFL product with infinite life), or even lease the cookware as a tax deductible expense. Anyway most commercial kitchens cook on gas whenever possible, so induction compatibility isn't a real concern. The fancier ones privately import their kit from their own sources in the US & Europe. Cookware quality does matter, but do they buy a Scanpan from Briscoes and pay the prosumer tax, or a KitchenAid from Amazon? No.

                  As for induction cooktops, they're permanent fixtures and as such people are much more likely to "buy once, cry once". And they're often part of a Kitchen reno package for which loans are often used to spread out the cost, and potentially add value to the home. The plug-in induction cooktops are for renters and shared accommodation, as induction is the best way to cook after gas. The problem is that good induction cookware doesn't exist without the aspirational prosumer tax put on by local retailers, and Amazon, while being cheaper (and most likely lossmaking every time they airfreight a frypan across the world) will probably send you to warranty claims hell if it warps or corrodes.

                  • @Avantime: Yes everything in retail is marked up significantly this is why cheapies.nz exist.
                    Briscoes with their "upto 50% off weekly sales"
                    Yes cookware has huge markups, because people tend to buy cookware only a few times in their life, just like a bed, its not like electronics where it breaks down or gets outdated quickly (unless you buy cheap crap cookware) so they can charge lower because they know its got a shorter lifecycle so its high volume sales for them.
                    Beds/cookware and other slow moving items have huge markups because of its low volume sales
                    Only stupid people buy at the normal retail prices, or business who need things urgently and can get it written off/tax back, we all know this.

                    Even the zip frypan your comparing has a 5.7x markup the $14 reduced price vs $79.99 normal price
                    So rather than a sale v sale price where you should be comparing $79.99 for a single frypan vs $700 for like a 3 pot set (5 piece, but for the arguments sake well say pots and lids should be together)
                    at that point its a 8.75x pricing but then you divide it by the 3 items (700/3= $140)/79.99 =2.91x difference
                    So I have no idea how you got "20x more expensive"

                    Also it can't be clearance since they're still selling it, its probably sold at or near cost or like you say a "loss leader" but assuming even $20 as its cost means its a 4x markup


                    Here's an example of a cheap one, this drops to around $120
                    It's only 5-ply on the base not around the sides, but the problem is they use cheap materials as seen in the comments

                    I've bought this set for $99

                    Can I cook in it: yes
                    Can I cook well in it: no, it doesn't retain heat causing the bottom to be hotter than the sides meaning having to use the induction on higher settings which can also mean the bottom sticks/burns
                    within 2-3 years the plastic handles have cracks, the steel base on the inside of the has pit holes in the bottom and the outside discolored coz of the heat
                    The bottom of the frypan warped due to the high heat as well
                    There's also the mental aspect of thing like frustration of using it because of these things

                    I bought it thinking why should I pay $400-$700
                    Cheap metals, cheap build is why.

                    Can I say that an expensive one won't do the same, no, that's where research and checking reviews watching youtube vids and then making a decision comes in

                    Pro chefs yeah if its for business purposes but i don't think you can not pay tax and depreciate it for home/personal use.

                    While I agree yes there is huge markups on items when not on sale, I don't agree that quality cookware should be around the same price as cheap cookware i also don't agree theres "20x more expensive" and "aspirational prosumer" tax"

                    By your thought a knife is a knife and the difference between a warehouse knife and a japanese/german/swiss "quality" knife is mainly "aspirational prosumer" tax

                    But you missed the point of my post in that a 3ply/5ply cookware is much better for induction and that expecting cheap cookware (especially single or bi ply) not designed for the cooking method is only gonna give you crap results like using a round wok on a flat induction stove then complaining about it not being good.

                    Everything can have defect and problems, no product line ever made in this world has ever had 100% perfect record
                    Yes you look at the bad reviews too, and we all know amazon service can be iffy. But this is where you do your research, that's why you try seek out places that do better and specialize in the cookware sector or find companies than ship direct to nz and will give you the warranty/guarantee, wait for their sales. Or find a friend who as access to the NZ commercial kitchenware retailers.

                    Ideally we'd have more high quality induction cookware in NZ, but the market hasn't really adopted induction much and doesn't really want to spend much on better cookware as we can see from threads like these so why would they bother.

            • @Huntakillaz: Tesla, it's not in the same class as Toyota. Unreliable, badly assembled, multiple recalls has never made a profit and runs off the taxes of hard-working Americans and other countries foolish enough to buy such junk. And as for kitchen Aid like most appliance makers these days are large conglomerates like whirlpool who buy brand names, make them in China turn a reputable brand into junk so private equity firms can make a lot more profit. So, no none of those brands are worth 20 times the value of a crappy old $14 zip with no bragging rights which I am quite happy to keep buying.

  • +1

    I've been keeping an eye on the Jamie Oliver 16 piece cutlery set, it's the cheapest I've seen them over past few months at $39.95.

    Also these wine glasses seem to be very good price for the quality:

    • Jamie Oliver, but made in China haha. Just like all of Briscoes English and European sounding brands, but, they're chinese made. Chinese quality is hugely variable. We have chinese stainless steel that rusts from day 1.

      • -1

        Yeah a sad reality… They are either okay or bad…
        We probably wouldn't survive without "Made in China" in our lives hence "rely-able" but some are just pathetic sorry.

  • Is it paper thin or decent?

    Once I started cooking with cast iron I basically never went back to anything else.

  • +3

    Steel pans are much better. At least not eating forever chemicals with every bite with these.

    Try the scanpan ones.

  • I bought a cheap induction rated frypan from Briscoes…..but, whatever plating they used was so inadequate that it took 20 minutes for the water to get halfway to boiling. I returned it to Briscoes, they said the problem was most likely my expensive european brand induction hob.I showed them a video comparing theirs vs one of mine, but they were still sceptical because the pan was listed as 'induction' — they eventually reluctantly accepted the return but made it as difficult as possible.

  • +1

    Dang, lol paid for shipping before the code was shared! RIP $7. anyways found this airbed, mean deal - https://www.briscoes.co.nz/product/1078586/intex-dura-beam-d...

  • Briscoes not mucking around. Placed an order for a different item at 2PM. Order shipped 3PM. Thanks for the shipping code Aneetap.

    • That's an impressive turnaround.
      I wonder if they're quiet because everyone is at The Warehouse trying to buy half price Easter eggs?

  • Are the Hampton & Mason pans any better?

    They are also $14.99 for the 20cm.

    • +1

      Short answer No.

      I wouldn't get either.

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