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AMD Ryzen 5 5600X CPU $367.94 Shipped or Pickup @ PB Tech


Original Coupon Deal

AMD have also announced that it would add Zen 3 support for X370, B350, and A320-series chipsets*. Source

While probably not as good value as intel’s current offering for new builds – it can be good value for those on old AM4 boards.
Personally, I just updated from a 1600x to a 5600x on a AB350M Mobo.

*Assuming your Motherboard Manufacturer releases a bios update to support it.

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  • +2

    Bought one when they dropped the price. Perfect upgrade for my R5 2600 on a B450 board.
    If you are building new, Intel may offers a better value ie. 12400f

    • The 5600X still trumps the 12400f on performance.
      However, 12400f is a really good alternative if you go with a cheaper B660 MB and a DDR4 kit, which brings the price down considerably.

      • It really depends what your workloads are.

  • +1

    These ryzens run fairly cool and pack a lunch on single core performance. Highly recommend.

    • +3

      I do love myself a good ol' packed lunch.

      • +3

        Lol, I'ma gonna leave it like that now too.

  • +1

    Great CPU and good price. Bought this on release and it's still working hard! :)

  • +2

    As others have said, great CPU. Bought this last year when it was $450 so this is an amazing deal, noticed a big jump in performance coming from a i5 4690k

  • Just saw that Amazon AU is also selling this for $364 NZD ($339 AUD) with free shipping to NZ here: https://www.amazon.com.au/AMD-Ryzen-5-5600X/dp/B08166SLDF/re...

    • I've had good experiences with Amazon, but personally I'd rather pay the extra ~$3 for faster delivery + buying from a NZ company.

  • IMO the price for 5600X will drop after AMD release the upcoming 5800X3D and other new models in April.

  • +1

    Paid $550 for this less than half a year ago… amazing how fast this has dropped in price. Great CPU though.

    • This is more like what they are worth based on what 3600 they replaced were going for before the chip shortage. All chips went through the roof with prices last year and even gpus are starting to finally come down to nearer their rrp.

  • Would this be worth the upgrade from a 3600x? Online looks like only about 10%

    • +1

      Probably not for just 10% improvement. When I built my PC just over a year ago CL basically talked me out of the 5600 in favor of the 3600

      • Price difference at the time? Thats a weird thing to do

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