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Healgen Rapid Covid-19 Antigen Self-Test $6.50 each, or 5 for $29.99 + Free Delivery @ The Warehouse


Healgen Rapid Covid-19 Antigen Self Test 1Pk 5 for $29.99 Offer ends 03/05/2022

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The Warehouse

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  • Saw this on FB, but I'm not sure whether they are legit or not, buy at your own risk!

    They do 20 tests/pack for $99 shipped pre order


    • no offense but looks pretty suss when their news webpage was last updated in 2014, error shown when trying to go to their contact us-office locations webpage

      • Yeah, that's why I mentioned buy at your own risk, and did not post this as a deal when I saw their ads yesterday…haha

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      lets support smaller locally owned pharmacists, they even decided to price match after listening to cheapies users

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        A note that Green Cross Health own Unichem, so also quite a large organisation (350+ pharmacies)… Haven’t looked to see if they are franchised or anything. Happy to be corrected, great to support local.

        • yep, so most pharmacies are just franchised, a few are owned by Green cross themselves.

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  • Now 640 for $3500. Crikey.

    • And the free shipping code works with it too!
      Thought that many mght be classed as 'oversized' but obviously not.
      Might be a few too many for my needs though.

      • Looks like Browns Bay Pharmacy has dropped theirs down to $26.99 for a 5pk.

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