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[Price Match] Rapid Antigen Testing Kit 20pk (Orient Gene or Ecotest) $119.99 & 5pk (Healgen) for $29.99 @ Unichem, Browns Bay


Price Matched !!!

Orient Gene COVID-19 RAT 20pk $119.99
ECOTEST Covid-19 RAT Test Kit 20pk $119.99
Healgen RAT Kit 5pk $29.99
Healgen RAT Kit single $6.99

*A pre-departure RAT for international travel is available from Unichem Browns Bay.
Supervised test + documentation $69.99 (Free for domestic travel)
Click the below link for booking

Free delivery on orders over $100 ($5.89 will be charged on orders under $100)
Click & collect is also available.

Plus: Living Rewards(livingrewards.co.nz). Get rewarded for your purchases at over 360 Unichem and Life Pharmacies nationwide.
For every $150 spent, you'll get a $10 voucher!

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Unichem Brown Bay
Unichem Brown Bay

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    Chemist warehouse is now doing them $30 for five which works out to be 20 for $120.00

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      Thanks for your comment. Price matched now!!

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    New World even selling them for 32 per 5

    • same with pak n save

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      Price matched, $29.99 for 5pk

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    Might need to sharpen that pencil.

  • It's unichem, most of them disappeared once Chemist warehouse came along. They still don't get why.

  • Also New World, and Pak n Save have them in stock for cheaper, this isn't even a deal

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    Wow, that was like a $60 discount in a matter of 3 hours? The power of competition!!!

    Now, we need more competitions in the supermarket world too…haha!!!

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    Lets support local, like Unichem Browns Bay. Great they have price matched.

    They have had good deals on here over time, including the blunt umbrella my wife now uses.

    Im appreciative of the deals Unichem Browns Bay have offered.

    By the way, I have absolutely nothing to do with them, just happy to see their deals and doing the best they can as a local business in the face of the larger box stores/box

    Also massive props for travel RAT testing, the price gouging by other organisation's on these have been shocking


    • I agree, this is the only Unichem that I've found to be useful.

    • i've seen some charging $200 for the blimin test, these guys are being a GC

  • For the cost of an hour wait, these are free at testing stations now too.

    • AFAIK, the situations at testing centres is only a little different from getting one from a collection point. https://covid19.govt.nz/testing-and-tracing/covid-19-testing...

      As below you can get it if symptomatic, if living in a household with someone who tested positive, if asked to take a test by a health officer or for critical workers in some extra cases. I think testing centres also cover people who need a test for domestic (but not international) travel in some cases, people who need it for court and people who are at risk of severe symptoms in some additional cases. Some people may also be able to get free tests from work whether government supplied or employer supplied although I don't think these are from testing centres (but not so sure on this point).

      Notably AFAIK neither covers situations like if you want to test before visiting vulnerable family and friends; or even most ordinary people if they are asymptomatic but were a close but not household contact of someone who tested positive. Because it's almost impossible to do so anyway, the checking that you actually meet the criteria may be virtually non existent. But we should be clear that these paid tests cover situations which are not currently technically covered by free tests.

      • Yep that’s right, not intended free for surveillance testing purposes.

        On the flip side the rat tests are less likely to work for that purpose than the traditional plan based pcr test anyway. You have to have a pretty high viral load to trigger them, so often you have to be pretty sick to start with for them to work.

  • I picked up free ones from a collection point for us and another family (7ppl all together) and they gave us 45 tests. Good way to minimise the price gouging. Only 10 mins in the queue too.

    • Yep, get the free ones if you can, no point spending money on these test kits

    • wow they gave 6 per person instead of the usual 3 each

    • AFAIK you can still only get free ones from a collection point if symptomatic, if living in a household with someone who tested positive, if asked to take a test by a health officer or if a critical worker in some more cases. https://covid19.govt.nz/testing-and-tracing/covid-19-testing...

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    As a pharmacist, i really want to say i feel like we were set up to fail with these. most pharmacies are individually owned and dont have the capacity to order hundreds of thousands of these like the supermarkets or chemist warehouse.

    so obviously our cost price is a lot higher (eg for us its higher than this selling price), so really hate to the media making it seem like we're price gouging.

    Great to see unichem browns bay able to do price matching, i just know if we were to sell these at this price we would be losing money.

    • +2

      I agree. I've had a number of orders through work of 500-1000 kit deliveries ranging for $6.20 to $9 per kit, hedging bets on which would arrive first. Those early ones had a big margin on and it's not fair to suggest it is gouging, especially at Pharmacy level.

    • +3

      Hey im a Pharmacist too! And yes it really bugs me that pharmacies are getting put through the ringer when it's the suppliers who are screwing us over.
      Good example, last week I had a supplier (who is a regular supplier to pharmacies) offer me wholesale of $11.15+gst, this week the sent a new 'deal' $7.20+gst..
      Now its the same stock, why did the price fall so much?!?

      • Thanks for the comments all 3 of you. Saw this deal before the price match with the early complaints. I suspect suppliers and different costs prices for larger quantities were probably a big part of the the reason for the price difference but didn't say anything as just a guess so it's good to get word from people who actually know.

      • We've only just started seeing some of our orders from the last couple months, this past couple of weeks. All for greater cost than prices we're seeing online.
        We only just had our first customer who commented on price today, and thank god they weren't mad, and even bought it after I explained the reasoning for our pricing. we would have greater margins (which are minimal asf just so we dont get stuck with them) if we purchased our stock retail through food stuffs or chemist warehouse. which is absolutely crazy.
        Can't imagine what it's like in other locations with all the flack I see online

  • +1

    (Re: $69.99 supervised test) My partner had to pay $200 for her international pre-departure test 😵‍💫. Only two locations in Hamilton at the time and you had to book in advance. None of the Pharmacies she called would do it and there was no guarantee that the results would arrive in time.

    Wouldn’t be surprised if a few people missed their flight because they didn’t realise the rules around it.


    • Little late now but Anglesea pharmacy do it for $20 if you BYO rat test.

      • Think it was just bad timing eh. Borders had just opened and rats weren't as available as they are now.

  • It's respectable for a small pharmacy to be able to match the price of a large company like chemist warehouse and undercut the price of supermarkets that are selling at cost price. I imagine there are a lot of pharmacies that bought a lot at the start not expecting the lack of demand once the government started giving them out for free and now have stock worth less than what they purchased for.

  • Healgen 5pk now $26.99.
    Orient Gene 20pk now $103.99.

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