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Rockstar Watermelon Freeze 500ml $0.83 ea. (Clearance, Online Only) @ The Warehouse


$1.67 - 50% off clearance item = $0.83

Could be close to or past its best before date.

In order to get free shipping, I think you need to add a non-clearance item that is at least $1 to your cart*. Otherwise click & collect is free.

*5 pack of Colgate toothbrushes down to $2.50 at checkout does the trick.

Price elsewhere

$1.99 PNS
$1.99 New World
$2.00 Countdown
$2.00 Freshchoice

Will update this post with any new/decent 50% off items I find. Most of em are well known already.

Earl's Corn Puffs Earl's Original Flavour 100g
Royalty Roll Up Toiletry Bag
Royalty Cosmetic Bag 2 Piece Set

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  • Does it taste good? Hehe

    • Don't think I've ever had a Rockstar drink. YT might be a good place to start

    • Rockstar has always been on the lower end of those energy drinks. Can't compare to Red Bull or Monster. I prefer to buy those instead if they go on special.

  • +1

    Love this flavour! but at 68.2g of sugar it is a very rare treat…

  • +1

    Have now been removed from online

  • Back in-stock.

  • price is
    1.67, not.0.83 ents

    • Online Only - Another 50% Off Selected Clearance Products

  • Looks like they don't accept free delivery promo code for this one.

    • +1

      Yep mentioned in description. Need to add a non-clearance item that is at least $1.

      • hi i just checked again u dont need to add another item, it shows up at checkout as 83c even there it says 1.67 in description

      • Thanks. Added 2x protex, done.

        • u actualy dont have to add anything extra to your cart to take advantage of this deal

    • 83c, $1 or $1.67 it will still cost more than that to deliver to your door lol

      • not with free shipping

  • +1

    i just bought
    Earl's Corn Puffs Earl's Original Flavour 100g x10

    Rockstar Watermelon Freeze 500ml x10

    total 18.30 free shipping

    pretty awesome deal

  • Back again but now $0.99

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