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$20 Coupon to Use on Drink Products (One Use Per Person, Exclusions Apply) @ Chia Sisters


$20 Coupon to Use on Drinks Product at Chia Sisters.

My favourite to get is the case of 12 Chia Mix range of flavours which retails at $45 including shipping (free shipping over $20).
The $20 coupon makes it $25 delivered.

‘Exclude gift packs, chia seeds, hemp and WWF-NZ collab juice. One use per person’.
- Thanks CrizzieZ8

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  • Tried it on 1x and then 2x bags of 500g hemp powder.

    KINDNESSDAY discount code isn’t valid for the items in your cart

    • Correct, not working on all products

  • Might just be for standard drinks. Also doesn't work on Orange & Mango Pressed Juice 'Fruity Tale' - WWF Limited Edition

    • World Wildlife Fund?
      World Wrestling Federation?

      :) bit of a tidbit;
      In May 2002, the World Wrestling Federation announced it was changing both its company name and the name of its wrestling promotion to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) after the company lost a lawsuit initiated by the World Wildlife Fund over the WWF trademark.

      • +3

        Bring back WCW

  • -1

    Same for me - not valid on the items in cart.

    Could spend all day trying to find something that it applies to.

    Is there a web-page that lists applicable products that anyone has found?


  • +1

    Works on the Chia Sisters Mix which I'll probably get once I find my wallet.

    • I thought you would never let your wallet leave your hand again after what happened with your card!

      • Old habit of leaving it in the car (drivers) door and the significant over taking the car to work! New card, not enough time to remember the number off by heart 🥴

        • +1

          What is significant 'over taking'? 😂
          You mean significant other?

  • +1

    Found this on Instagram:
    ‘Exclude gift packs, chia seeds, hemp and WWF-NZ collab juice. One use per person’

  • +5

    Can I just say, these guys are incredible. They offset more emissions than what they produce and pay their staff living wage. Truly the definition of an ethical business. If you see their products in cafes or supermarkets you should buy them and support them :)

  • +2

    Also not working if you try to combine it with Subscribe and Save

    • thanks, I was wondering about this!

  • +1

    Thanks for posting. Have just ordered myself a mixed pack. They seem to have very good reviews so am looking forward to trying them for myself.

  • Does anyone know whether this is an ongoing deal? I've bought one mixed drinks and wanted to try it out first before I proceed to buy the second one as a gift, but not sure whether I should wait for the product to arrive first

    • +1

      This finishes up on 19th Feb midday… Today.
      I've gifted cartons before and even if the recipient isn't familiar with the brand/product it has been very well received.

      • Thanks!

  • Anyone received their order yet? My tracking shows it was picked up on the 22nd.. unsure if my order's gone or if PBT's getting slammed

    • +1

      Yep, received mine. It was picked up on the 22nd as well and delivered on the 24th (I’m in Auckland)

      • Bugger. Ok appreciate it

  • Yep got mine last week. Loving the chia seeds drink, should have got more :)

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