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RYOBI 18V ONE+ 1.5 AH Line Trimmer Kit (Battery and Charger) $99 @ Bunnings


Saw this today at Bunnings Manukau - Ryobi 18v line trimmer with 1.5ah battery and charger $99. 5x pieces left on self.

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  • Is anyone familiar with retail price? Can’t seem to find anything indicating it’s discounted?

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    $99 is showing as the retail price through the powerpass app. (also showing as no discount)

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    So I tried to buy this a few weeks ago at Ryobi event at Bunnings. Was told by the Ryobi rep that they don't sell it any more, it was basically awful and I should get the next one up.

    Given it wasn't in stock online or in store, I didn't really have any choice, and I really like the one I got. But on the off hand he's right, figure I'll warn you. The rotating head on the next level, as well as the auto line feeder is a game changer compared to my old one!

    • Got a link to the next one up that you got?

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        Next one up rep was probably referring to the Ryobi ONE+ 18V 5.0Ah 25/30cm Line Trimmer Kit $248 currently.

        On consumer Ryobi's top model was one of the best rated battery ones Ryobi 36V Brushless Line Trimmer 4.0Ah Kit currently $499, but is it 5 times better?

    • Typical - a sales rep suggested spending more money!

  • Given the battery and the charger if brought separately will cost $109

  • I've had this one for several years, it's very basic but I've been very happy with it. I have a very small garden and this is perfect for my needs every few months or so. I've got several batteries across a few different Ryobi One+ tools so being able to swap out the battery in an instant when it goes flat is helpful.

  • 1.5ah is a very small battery. Most of the other products come with a 5ah one. Hence the big price difference.

    I don't even think they sell the 1.5ah one separately.

    Still ok. I may get one, as the combo set I've been waiting for months for clearly isnt being supplied. Just be aware the battery isn't going to have a huge amount of runtime.

    • Also - the 1.5ah battery isn't going to be great at powering any of the other "skins." So not an ideal one to buy with the intention of picking up a saw skin (for instance) too.

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    as a tradie a 1.5ah battery will last shorter than me in bed with the missus

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      You definitely need a bigger battery then..

    • Haha legend!

    • Haha lol!

  • Yes this is the normal / retail price. I bought 4 last year and separated them out to resell. Battery sold $40, charger sold $20, tool sold $70.
    So you can make a small bit of coin with this item. Unless everyone gets on that train of course :)

  • I have waiting for the ozito grass trimmer and hedge trimmer kit for months but it seems they will not sell that kit anymore. Might give this ryobi a go.

  • My 4ah can only do about 30-45 mins on max power. This will last all of what, <15 mins?

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