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3M P2 Face Masks (Box of 25) AU$78 approx. Delivered @ Amazon AU

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Not as cheap as the Bunnings deal, but currently in stock and with free delivery. These are the same masks.

Estimated delivery date is Feb 8th but you can it ~Feb 2nd with expedited shipping (extra ~$8).

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • FYI: P2 spec is very similar to K95

    Most dust masks are rated for P2 and there are many stores that carry them.
    if you have access to an OPD account

    NZsafetyBlackwoods sell to customers without needed to open an account i believe.

    • The masks in the OP are the most comfortable out of the ones linked (IMO, I've tried many different brands), and the ones you've linked at NZSafetyBlackwoods are P1 level not P2, so not quite the same level of protection.

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        I feel getting good quality surgical mask folding it so that air doesn't pass through the gap and getting a tight fit will do the trick.

        Timestamp : 02:30

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          Hack no.2 - nek minnit rubberbands go out of stock.

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            @Wakrak: 5000 IQ purchase for those cheapies that cleaned out the Warehouse supply of rubber bands some time ago!

            • @Rubenite: I feel the rubber band will put undue pressure on one's ear. Another best option surgical mask + cloth mask

              • @BDS: Agree, could always use hair ties or something softer in place of rubber bands, especially for the two that go around the ears

    • The NZSafetyBlackwoods link is for the P1 (dust) mask. You're better off getting the valved P2 mask and wear a 2nd mask to cover the valve.

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        A mask… for your mask?

      • You can tape the valve shut from the inside. Might be easier.

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        They've adapted the game plan to match the field. Two shots were fine against Delta, but not against Omicron, which has only been around for a few months.

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      The government cares, judging by the speed these masks sold out at Bunnings, it's either a lot of people still care or they have no choice after the government announced the rules changes.

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      Oh god are you going to go down that road? Because the vaccine isn’t a magic pill. It just teaches your body how to fight the virus, so it takes you a day or two to fight back instead of weeks. The mask both helps protect you from collecting someone else’s infected sneeze, and helps protect other people from collecting your infected sneeze. Welcome to science 101.

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      Vaccine good but not perfect. Unmasked man breath in more virus. Easier to become infected. Unmasked man breath out more virus. Easier to infect others. Virus bad.

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      I'd say you're living under a rock because respirators are sold out the length of the country.

      Fully vaccinated against Omicron means you're 70% less likely to suffer serious illness (which would necessitate hospitalisation). The vaccine doesn't stop you from catching or spreading the virus.

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        There are so many variables involved as to how to quantify infection impacts or estimate transmission rates percentage/ratios, that it’s virtually nonsensical to quote them anymore. Most eligible people in NZ have had two jabs; most of those will have had a booster within the next couple or three weeks, and most people in general will wear a mask, mind their proximity to others and practice better hand hygiene than they ever did pre 2020. Doing any more than that will provide a disproportionately diminished return on the inconvenience. Any less will increase the risk of greater and more protracted inconvenience. Bottom line to everyone is ‘you do you boo’. It’s here now, and the next couple of months with omicron will mostly play out pretty predictably.

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      "I get the feeling a good chunk of the populace don't care about masks anymore."

      Well, you'd be wrong…

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    Bought few dozen just last week at a not so reasonable price from locally here.

    Not going to pay these inflated prices for more. Will hold off till things go back to semi normal.

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    I will say that the guy who invented the N95 mask came up with a way to reuse them. He numbers them for every day of the week, wears one for a day, then hangs it out to air for a week. I’ll see if I can find a link to the source.

    Not original source, but it’s easy enough to find. Here’s the first hit: https://www.nytimes.com/wirecutter/blog/how-to-reuse-n95-kn9…

  • bought a few packs from bunnings and they are talking about the paper bag method will try that.

  • Out of stock.

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      Glad I grabbed a couple boxes of these (which shipped yesterday) before they sold out. My brother in law works for a cleaning supplies company and says their wholesale container shipment that was ordered early in January has yet to leave China. Delays all over the show. I know the govt., has said they have plenty available, and that there is a domestic NZ company that manufactures them, but based on the antigen test debacle, I’m not holding out much hope for widespread mask distribution anytime soon…

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