Best value Gazebo

Hey all,

I am looking for a fairly standard Gazebo, anyone got recommendations?

Some of the things I am looking for:
- Ease to assemble and time to assemble (ideally quick and max 2 people)
- Longevity, looking for something to last, will only be used during the days and maybe only a dozen times a year.
- Availability, need something either in stock or a few days away.

I don't mind spending a bit more for something a bit better quality, not looking at the $30 units here, but more like the $200 ones.

I was looking at the 3x3m from Torpedo7, roughly $228 with discount. Currently no stock in Palmy, seems to have pretty decent reviews.


  • I have this one…
    Pretty happy with it.
    Easy to put up(can do solo if need be)
    came with a bag with wheels too

    • Thanks - I did have a look at that one, unfortunately almost zero stock available (nearest store with stock is 200km away). I might have to buy a cheap one for now and get a decent one when stock comes back.

  • We bought one from trademe about 6 years ago - still going strong. It's very basic but can be carried by one person and assembled by one person. We use ours pretty regularly throughout the year.
    Be aware though, no wheels or carry case, so I do have to carry it. We have just wrapped some bungee cords around it to keep it closed. And after 6 years, there are some small tears in the canopy, but nothing that can't be fixed with some tent repair tape.
    I'd suggest searching '3x3 gazebo' on trademe :)

  • I got this one recently…
    Decent size and not hard to put up by myself. Spent a bit more as I want to keep it long term.

    • I’ve got this as well, can’t complain.

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