Oki Doki Candy Canes with Jelly Beans 110g $0.17 (In-store) @ The Warehouse, St Lukes (Auckland)


17c for 110g Oki Doki Jelly Beans
Instore only at The Warehouse, St Lukes Auckland (perhaps other stores have the same offer)
The flavor is good. The texture isn't as good as other big brand lollies, they are little bit harder and more gummy.
The store had about 100 left today at 2pm

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  • Nice find

  • Also at royal oak

  • 47c at the Palmerston North store. Heaps of stock left. Had a few other things like boxed chocolates and peanuts for 97c - $2.97.

  • Anyone know why their clearance prices often end with a 7?

    • +3


    • +1

      Less ink used than writing a 9?
      True Cheapie mentality!

    • 7 is the new 8.

  • 47 cents at Porirua! Expiry date of August 2023 so bought half a dozen to put away for Christmas this year! Loads left at lunchtime!

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    Yes they have them for 17 c in chch too. I bought some confectionary and combined with 10 % off confectionery deal on marketplace

    • I wondered if you could use that on these sorts of things. 1.7c saving!

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        But if you buy in bulk those 1.7c get multiplied!

  • these Oki Doki Candy Canes with Jelly Beans 110g are 47c at upper hutt warehouse

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    $1.97 Hillcrest, Hamilton. That’s not oki doki.

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