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Wahl Toiletry Bag $0.99 (Was $24.99) In-store only @ Shaver Shop


This is a bargain. Bought some for myself and could come in handy for storage.

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  • I think it's sold out already? It says in store only

  • This product is exclusive to in store only

    • Do you know which store in Auckland has this in stock. Couldn't find out

  • +1

    Best to call the store and see if they have it in-stock. Has been at this price for about a month now so hopefully there’s still a decent amount available.

    Edit: also available in-store:

    Wahl blue version
    - $0.99

    Mini Spiced Vanille Beard Balm 13ml
    - $0.99

  • No more at Sylvia Park

    • I bought the last one. It doesn't have any internal compartments or straps which I thought it would to hold the clippers and attachments. There's no wahl logo on it anywhere as well.

      • So it's literally just a bag with a zipper and nothing else inside? All this for $24 RRP? What a rip off lol.

        • Yeah… i feel it's not even a genuine Wahl bag since there's nothing to indicate the brand inside or outside of the bag.

          • @techhit: If the bag looks nothing like what the photo shows, then it's probably a stunt from them to try to get people to buy.

          • +1

            @techhit: Probably came free with a Wahl trimmer, but took it out to be sold separately lol

  • The single photo they have isn't very good. I did some googling and I think the bag looks like this but a bit taller: https://i.imgur.com/INYEuCY.jpg

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