[Wellington] 2 for 1 Meals @ Leroy's; Brewd Boulcott; Bethel Woods; Rizzos; Honey Badger Saloon; One Fat Bird (Requires Flybuys)


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2 for 1 burgers (lunch/dinner) @ Leroy's
- closes January 31

2 for 1 main meals (lunch/dinner) @ Brew'd Boulcott
- closes January 31

2 for 1 main meals (dinner) @ Bethel Woods
- closes February 28

2 for 1 main meals (lunch/dinner) @ Rizzo's
- closes February 28

2 for 1 mains (lunch/dinner) @ Honey Badger Saloon
- closes February 28

2 for 1 main meals (lunch) @ One Fat Bird
- closes February 28

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  • That's awesome thanks definitely use. Leroys has suprising decent fried chicken and burgers for anyone interested. Also a claw machine with beer cans in that you can use to buy drinks at the bar.

    • Note the Leroy's deal does not include fries, so brings the savings down a little bit.

  • +1

    Man this is great timing, I was thinking about going to Rizzo's next week for my birthday :) It's close to where we live and the staff are really lovely, totally recommend it. They also have some kind of points thing of their own which you can use in the restaurant and you get pretty great deals through that (I haven't really used it much myself, I think you download some app, but someone I know uses it pretty often and often has like $20 off and once up to $60 off I think!).

  • Rizzo's is great - and they have awesome interactive kids meals and dessert presentation for the kids is out of this world! The points thing is part of the social club. There are around 30 different restaurants in Wellington that participate currently - with more joining often! You need the goody card app on your phone. Points add up pretty quick and you can use the discounts earned at any social club restaurant - not just where you got the points!

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