How to Subscribe Disney Plus Plan at Cheap Regions

Silly question here:
Is there any way to subscribe Disney+ in cheaper regions(Turkey/Argentina/India) plan like Youtube premium/Netflix? I did some research but found nothing…..


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    Looks like a lot of effort since you'll have to use a VPN every time you open Disney+

    I only did a 30 second look though so could be wrong.

    • And they are one of the few services where you get LESS content when on VPN.

  • @Wakrak thank you for the link. Yeah it's too much hassle to put on a VPN all the time in order to watch streaming.
    My wishful thinking is things could be different if Disney+ coming to Turkey(not there yet).

    • That's what I thought too when I went searching for it via Turkey etc.
      The kids enjoy it but it's not worth paying $12.99 per month and I'm not mucking around with a VPN each time.
      Over the holidays I'm using this Free 30 Days of Disney Plus but after that happy to just cancel.

  • What is it you wanna watch

    • Compare to Netflix's library, there's not much brand new stuff coming every week on Disney plus IMO, I guess Marvel Studio upcoming mini-series might be worth checking out, something like that, not particular

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    If it's not about content if you're just wanting to save money you can always create a new Microsoft account and subscribe to Xbox Gamepass Ultimate for $1 then under the perks section of GPU there'll be an offer for a 1 Month Free trial of Disney+ for new users that you can redeem, then cancel both subscriptions so you don't get billed and when the free month runs out you create another new Microsoft account and join Gamepass for $1 again then create a new Disney+ account and use the perk again, rinse and repeat until they they increase the price of joining GPU or stop offering the Disney+ perk.

    Doesn't require an Xbox console you can redeem the perks through the Gamepass app for mobile or Xbox app for Windows.

    • Then buy an Xbox console and each month make it your home console on the new account. Endless games and Disney for $1 a month.

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    Share with your friends to split the price:)

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