250 Pack Compostable Paper Straws $1.03 (Was $7.93) @ Nisbets (+ $8 Shipping)


Browsing around nisbet clearance after a previous post.
Credit to kinetic9 for that one

Some very low prices on these if you go through a lot of straws. Useful as well for crafting? schools?
Biggest issue is postage if you can't collect from Auckland. Postage is $8 so you would need to order a decent amount to make it cost effective
They do have free delivery if you order over $150 of stuff.
Also be aware prices on the website are excl GST.

Compostable black straws pack of 250 for 90c excl GST: https://www.nisbets.co.nz/fiesta-green-compostable-cpla-flex...
Paper silver coloured straws pack of 250 for 90c excl GST: https://www.nisbets.co.nz/fiesta-green-biodegradable-paper-s...

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    Was a bit confused by your title OP. What did $9.08 mean? & remember to add the Store to the title.

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      Ha! The day I write a title that doesn't have to be edited is the day I know I've become a true cheapie :)

      • Heyy my posts get edited all the time too 😄

  • I wish everyone would switch to the straws burger fuel uses. Paper ones are so bad..

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      What do they use? The compostable ones above have a more traditional "plastic" feel if those float your boat a bit better.

      • straws, aioli punnets and lids are also made from PLA (Polylactic Acid or ‘Bioplastic’).


        Yup, those black ones are up my alley.

        Have not found a paper straw I like. I just refuse paper ones when offered now.

        • pasta straws are good, dont know why they are not popular here.

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    Just a note - these straws are terrible, way too thin and split almost every time.

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