Manager's Clearance on Nice Christmas Lollies from $0.27 @ The Warehouse (Northland's Christchurch)


Cheap Manager's Clearance on Nice brand Christmas Lollies starting from 27c.

  • Nice Fruity Candy Canes 125g 10pk - 27 cents
  • Nice Minty Candy Canes 125g 10pk - 27 cents
  • Nice Christmas Gummy Shapes 1kg - 47 cents
  • Nice Christmas Mini Candy Canes 375g 50pk - 47 cents
  • Nice Mallow Christmas Shapes 300g - 47 cents
  • Nice Mini Candy Canes Assorted Box 500g - 47 cents
  • Nice Kiwiana Cookies 50g - 47 cents
  • Nice Marshmallow Twists 500g - $2

The 1kg Gummys for 47c is the best deal of the bunch.

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  • Starting from 7c napier

  • Nice.

    • +1

      I see what you did there ;)

  • Odd that they have not gone to lower clearance prices on the website yet, might be instore online in every store. At some stores you will find the 'nice' advent calendars for similar prcies too or hollow choc santas.

    • +1

      Online prices usually don't go as low as "manager's clearance" of individual store

  • +4

    WARNING: those Mallow Christmas Shapes smell terrible, kinda like farts. If you like farts then go ahead, they're cheaper than the farts that are sold in jars

    • Pro tip - you don’t need to buy store bought farts, just get an old jar and make em yourself. Makes for a funny secret Santa gift, even funnier when you tell them what’s in the jar after they open it.

    • I prefer the homemade farts, they're a lot fresher than the store bought ones, it's the only reason I own a dog.

    • hey i just bought these from warehouse for 97c i can smell the farts through the unopened packet, i'm scared to open them…

    • You can buy a whole bunch and gift them to the Karens in the office for next year. It's the perfect treat for your frenemies. $10-20 buys like 10-20 packets minimum.

  • Oh thanks for reminding me, I still have some of the candy canes from last year. IMO the Nice branded Christmas lollies, well, aren't very nice at all.

  • The gummies are yum

  • The chocolate covered marshmallows are actually incredible. Don’t know how they can make cheap confectionery taste so good

    • +2

      Add lots and lots of sugar… That's how.

  • I picked up 500g of candy canes from K Mart Hamilton (not Te Rapa) for 50c yesterday. 1kg of sugar (more or less) for $1!

    I got time to work on that gym bod next month - about the same time as my dentist visit.

  • Heaps at Royal Oak (Auckland) this morning when I was there, gummy shapes 1kg were 26c, the rest 17c pack, seashell chocolate also 17c each pack

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