PB Tech Price Match Issues

I purchased an item from PB Tech and on the day of delivery I noticed that the price for the exact same item was significantly less with Noel Leemings with their Boxing Day sale (ending 31/12/21).

I emailed PB Tech asking them to price match and refund the difference however after 7 days (albeit over xmas) I have still not had a response.

Has anyone had a similar experience or have suggestions on how to proceed? I’ve tried calling them a couple times and each time the call just rings out. Would you expect them to price match? I haven’t opened the package yet so if not will ask to just return it for refund (assuming they will accept) and instead order from NL.

Bose QC35 Ear Cushions
PB Tech ($48.99) : https://www.pbtech.co.nz/product/HSABOS7608580/Bose-Cushion-...
Noel Leeming ($32) : https://www.noelleeming.co.nz/p/bose-quietcomfort-35-headpho...

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    They don't have any obligation to take the product back though if you have changed your mind or want to buy it elsewhere.
    In saying that, PB Tech do allow returns within 7 days of purchase provided it hasn't been opened - see here: https://www.pbtech.co.nz/help/article/42/Returns-and-repair-...
    You might still be in luck due to the fact you have been trying to get hold of them inside the seven day period but no guarantees.

  • if you used a credit card… check if your card has price protection insurance with it.

    • Any recommendations of CCs that do that and experience using that? I’ve only seen gem cards do that and only when paying extra (like 1% per month from terms?) which imo made it a bad offer, but I don’t have first hand experience with it either way

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        I saw a Canstar article yesterday that said the BNZ advantage platinum card has it

  • Did you buy online or in-store?

    • Wow, that's pretty good profit!

  • Their price protection promise seems to only apply if you got 'PB Care' on top. Check the table in the link where it compares PB Care rights with consumer guarantees act rights:


    • As I read it, they will also only guarantee the lowest price from PB Tech within 30 days, it doesn't apply to other stores

  • I had the same issue with Mi Fan2. The price dropped after a day. I emailed them but they never responded back.

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    Just buy a new one at NL. PB tech accepts returns if the package is not opened.

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    Just go into store and return it.

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    Thats what a $17 dif? Prob cost you more than $17 in time just writing this and trying to contact them. $17 isn't really that dig of a deal. I would just move on.

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      You’re not a true cheapie then.. I don’t have any way of earning $17 at the moment so would not call posting to this forum or sending them an email as that much of a cost… and anyhow, the value of sharing my experience may be worth more than $17 to someone in the future. But.. I appreciate you taking the time out and costing yourself a couple $ writing back to me, happy new year! :-)

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    Quick update.. I went into a store today and despite the difficulties getting a response online they were extremely helpful in-store and provided me with a full refund with no questions asked.

    +1 for in-store customer service
    -1 for online service


    • You mean a "full refund" of the price difference right (not the whole purchase price)? :)

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        Probably a full refund point blank. There's no evidence PBtech will price match other stores especially after purchase. But they according to multiple people and sort stated on their website1, they do give full refunds for returns of unopened items. It's supposed to be within 7 days but given the Christmas period and lack of responses, not surprising if they'll give you a bit more time. I assume the OP is going to or more likely has already bought the item from Noel Leeming.

        1. As mentioned in a a post above website says you can return items in 7 days. https://www.pbtech.co.nz/help/article/42/Returns-and-repair-... It doesn't directly say there's no restocking fee or that you get a full refund but since it doesn't say anything and elsewhere it says there is a restocking fee of 20% for opened items, we can assume there's no restocking fee for unopened items 

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    The backlog of online enquiries is overwhelming as they are running skeleton crew in websales during the holiday period instore is the best course if you can

  • If you havn't opened it you can take i to a store and return it. if you have opened it then buy the one fron Noels and return it to PB as long as it's the same item.

  • That's a lot of trouble to save a few $…

    Usually, PBTech will refund the difference if the item you bought ends up going on sale within around 7 days. However, since the item went on sale at a different retailer, then it's unlikely PB will refund the difference.

    As a side note, I typically like to email or call the store a few days before big sales like Boxing Day and confirm whether they will refund the difference. Based on my past experiences, items that have low stock will almost always sell out immediately when there's a sale. Either that, or the item is not very popular and therefore usually doesn't get discounted much (maybe like $1~$2 discount). So, I'll usually just buy those items in advance and then get the refund (if worth my effort) afterwards. Since I had already received confirmations that they'll refund the difference if the item goes on sale within 7 days, I can always go in store and bring up the email or the call recording to guarantee my refund.

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