This was posted 6 months ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Samsung 970 EVO Plus 1TB NVMe M.2 SSD $179.00 Delivered (Ships February 21, 2022) @ PB Tech


This is a very fast gen 3 ssd and it is 1 level below the 980 gen 4 ssd.

Lowest price it has been so far.

Free shipping post.

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    To save anyone else looking this up, it will not work with PS5 (needs to be PCIe4 and this is PCIe3)

    Great drive for a PC though, have found the samsung evo+ to be super reliable.

    • You need a 980 Pro or Seagate firecuda with a heatsink basically the EKWB one fits too

  • Picked one up for the new gaming laptop cheers!

  • I have the urge to buy this but I have no more M.2 or PCIe slots available, I'm maxed out and I don't know if I need this as an external drive.

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    Wow, ships 21st February.

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      Yep made it into my cart before I saw that. #Nope

  • I love these drives, but I can’t justify the price difference when they’re only slightly faster than a sata evo (as a game drive anyway).

  • The 2Tb version of this goes for $335NZ on AmazonAU

  • Whats the difference between that one and this

    Seem to be same exact speeds

    • Main difference is that that one doesn’t have DRAM. For an average user, the difference in speed is negligible. For more or less the same price, I would pick the 970 evo plus. If the evo plus isn’t on sale and I needed a 1tb drive, I would buy the 980.

      • Adding to this I believe the EVO is a "higher" model even though it is older and that this 980 is the base model and the EVO is one up from the base of the 970 series. Happy to be corrected though.

      • ah okay thanks, how do I even find out if something has DRAM, its never really listed anywhere, kind of rely on other people telling me this

        • Try

          Generally fairly accurate except when manufacturers have done some sort of switch and haven't been picked up yet.

          Also while manufacturers rarely specify their device doesn't have DRAM, most will specify if it does on official specs. So if it doesn't say anything, probably means no DRAM. For PCI express devices, if it says it supports host memory buffer/HBM it also almost definitely means it has no DRAM. You are only likely to use HBM if you have no DRAM cache. (HBM isn't a supported by SATA so no point looking for it on a SATA device.)

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