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Scepter 5L Red Fuel Can $7.94 @ Bunnings


It is selling $15 at The Warehouse,so I believe it is a bargain

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Bunnings Warehouse
Bunnings Warehouse

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    Thank you, managed to get price beat to get it slightly cheaper.

  • Every 0.79 cents count! πŸ˜†πŸ‘πŸ» #TrueCheapie

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    Filled with flybuys or waitomo fuel πŸ˜‚

    • buying this can is less than the 'price' to fill it with free petrol

      • It cost more if you got a $10 plus waitomo lol…

  • Just asked Sheena via online chat at the warehouse and got declined price match, reason? different color, apparently the warehouse one is orange and bunning is red. Can anyone confirm the warehouse one is the standard red color for a petrol fuel tank?

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      Next they’ll say…’That’s a right-handed fuel can. Ours is left-handed’.

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      The Warehouse seem to come up with every reason not to honour their price promise these days. I’ve never seen an orange fuel container before either, only red, green and yellow

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      Haha, it's the lighting of the picture. They have exactly the same barcode. Maybe try another agent.

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      At what point are they breaking consumer laws with all these reasons not to price match?

      • I'll find out, have filed complaint with commerce commission and attached chat transcript

        • The problem is do they have the staff and resources to follow up on every report to them.

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        I mean, surely if they don't want to honour it they should just get rid of the price beat thing altogether?

    • Same person (Sheena) price beat for me, even asked how many I wanted…. I wonder if they have a quota or something.

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        'Sheena' is probably just a moniker whomever is online on customer service duty is using

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      Checked in store, it's 100% red.

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    Found one at salvation army for $2

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  • ….hmmm the old supermarket bags…new ones don't work

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      Neither do the cardboard boxes from M10/Bunningsβ€¦πŸ˜†

  • No problem getting them to price beat in store this morning.

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    you never need this… until you do

  • Bunning cancelled my order so got one price matched at warehouse for cheaper @ $7.15. Thanks guys

  • If anyone needs spare parts, Repco has this Scepter air vent cap for $0.01

    Might get lucky and find one locally. Available in Hamilton.

    Scepter spout $0.01
    Scepter spout gasket $0.10
    Scepter black screw cap $0.10

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