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Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic - 46mm (SM-R890) $409 + Free Shipping @ Samsung Epp via AIA


If you happen to be on AIA vitality or any other EPP programme with Samsung, it's a pretty good deal consider cheapest I've seen here were $499 + Shipping.

It's a 30% discount and if you buy another item then there will be another 10% discount on top which I don't think it'll be cheaper during boxing day sale.

The watch is based on android and it should be pretty good for the price consider Garmin and Fitbit are way too expensive for a semi smartwatch.

I've grabbed the fold 3 512gb for $1956 with the watch which pb is on sale for $2599. However it's still an expensive phone with mixed review, will see how it goes.

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  • The consumer folds targets is quite narrow, whereas smartwatches in general I feel are so underutilized.

    It's like having an MMO where one guy can see his stats and the other can't [not having really played MMO's but ..].

    I wouldn't recommend folds to most people, just because it has to make so many compromises compared to flagships, to get that form factor - you'd be better off buying a traditional flagship offering from any of the big hitters.

    For most people I'd liken it to sacrificing a limb just to grow another finger on their other hand.

    • whats a fold?

      • That's the fold 3 phone. I agree with what's been said, it is indeed not for everyone.

        • So, is the item you have posted about a folding phone? Did I miss it in the description?

          • @Alan6984: Na, it's for the watch which I thought would be more popular. The price for the folding and flipping phones are also pretty good for the wanted.

  • How much is the SM-R895FZSAXNZ with this deal? How do you join this partnership? i get Education prices for Samsung but this ends up being like $599 for the Watch series 4 LTE version (top spec I believe)

    • The SM-R895FZSAXNZ would be $471 for this deal. You need to be on one of the EPP programme in order to get this deal, I got it through AIA vitality that came with the insurance.

      • Oh wow, thats amazing… What's the chance in you snagging me one and paying you for it etc :)

        • haha nice try, but the policy clearly stated non-resell.
          maybe dig into other EPP potential plan and/or wait for boxing day, it's a good indication of how low the price can go here really. (I always check here before I buy).

          • @blacksheep: its a 'gift' that I am giving you some cash for ;) hahha.. nah thats OK then mate. Thanks anyway

  • How do you get into AIA/EPP? It's some student thing? or you have to pay?

    • I've got it by subscribing to the AIA insurance, which they've got a program call AIA Vitality, what that does is by doing exercising, I'll get a good discounts for my policy, also they've partnered with health equipment providers like Samsung for the discounted items (Garmin, Fitbit too, but I don't think the discount is attractive there).

      I am pretty sure there are other EPP programs with Samsung, will be interested to know.

      • Thanks for sharing. For AIA/EPP, would you mind sharing their price for S21 ultra? I'm looking for health insurance. If AIA has a good offer on the phone, I may join the programme :)

        • +1

          S21 Ultra 5G 256GB is at 2199.01 right now (with no discount really), might wait for the boxing day.
          Insurance is quite a bit of thing you know, so join unless it'll be a good discount.

          • +1

            @blacksheep: I agree - I would not pick my life insurance based on a discounted phone.

            You are likely talking about many hundreds of thousands of dollars, getting $500 or whatever discount is not at all important.

            Now, if you had already narrowed it down to AIA and someone else, and the two were pretty much equal, then that's fair enough to pick up the discount.

            I am not a broker, nor ever worked in insurance, but I also highly recommend using a broker for this kind of thing - it can be quite complex.


  • Is this deal still going? I got EPP through unidays and the price for SM-R890 is showing

    20% off
    Save $129.80 (Was $649.00)

    Maybe different discounts are offered to different EPP partners.

    • Yes seems Vitality has bigger discounts.

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