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Oral-B Pro 100 Toothbrush $39.99 ea. @ Chemist Warehouse ($44.98 For 2 via Pricebeat @ The Warehouse)


I personally prefer the Oral-B Pro 2000, but The Warehouse has a good double-up of deals that some of you may be interested in.

The Warehouse has a B1G1HP on Oral-B electric toothbrushes, which they've listed twice and so gives a double discount.

Chemist Warehouse $39.99
TWH $60 - $24.01 pricebeat = $35.99
Adjust cart to 2 once pricebeat has been completed.
B1G1HP x2 = $44.98 (for two)

Countdown has it cheaper but live chat wouldn't price-match because it's a 'special'.

Other toothbrushes available:

  • Oral-B PRO 500
  • Oral-B Vitality

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  • Thanks for the find, will try my luck with price beat. TWH group are really trying to back out on price promise now. They are trying to find all excuses under the sun to "not-to-honour" price beat. Had an incident where I asked for price beat with PB Tech and they declined it on the basis that PB Tech has "low stock". it wasn't on special or anything.. just "low stock"

    • Odd eh. And then you try your luck with a different operator and get a pricematch straightaway. I would have thought that they would be enjoying these pricematches because it's more products flying off their shelves.

      • yep, something has definitely changed behind the scenes.

        • Just try another staff member. TWH is very much YMMV. I did a price match which took 10mins, and another one on a different day/staff which took 30 seconds. Same item.

          • +1

            @The Hound: this for sure, went through 10 different people last week before I got someone to price match,

            • @rkl: tried 3 people so far.. below is the reply they're giving now

              Products lowered in price cannot be combined with any other TWL or competitor’s promotion or credit offer, or with any trade terms, direct purchasing from the supplier, limited quantity offers or internet only retailers.

              Anyway.. good on you guys for persistence

                • @justaddwater: I think the way they are interpreting it now.. as above someone behind the scenes decided to choose a different approach to price beat requests. Personally first experienced this behavior from TWH around 3 weeks ago, Before that getting a price beat was far less hassle

              • @Wellyboy19: All that means is you can't price beat and then also say, well that store also gives a free can of beans and expect them to make the difference.

                Or price beat a tv and also get free VCR from the warehouse under a promotion.

                This post is the idea of price beating one item which doesn't trigger B1G1HP, so valid, then adding another and the system stuffs up and applies both price beat and B1G1HP.

                Would like to see this on fair-go etc because it's pretty crappy to entice shoppers and then decline.

                Mitre ten sometimes tries it on as well. Especially with websites that match product codes but have an out dated picture of the item, or even " no sorry we won't price beat imported items ", which is 80% of their stock as bugger all is nz made anymore

                • @Foodie: My experience so far is that when they take more than 10 minutes, they're looking for excuses to decline your price beat requests. of course YMMV

                  • @Wellyboy19: Ive experienced that - this seems like very misleading behaviour on their part.

                    Fine if they don’t want to price match certain products, but their terms and conditions need to reflect this.

    • Report to comcom please.

  • +1

    Price matched a pro 500 for 65 first try on live chat, which made the pro 100 in my cart $15..

  • Or you can get a Pro 2000 via Amazon AU for $66 delivered with the $10 free Prime trial.

  • If anyone bought too many, ill buy one off you?

  • Pak n Save doing the Pro 100 for $34.99 at the moment for a better PriceBeat price?

    • showing $49.99 for me. Possibly different price at different lcoation?

  • Anyone get this response from Angel at The Warehouse “ I am sorry as we cannot do the price beat as the items on our end is on Buy 1 Get 1 promotion. Both items should be in standard price. Anything else I can help?

    • Same - got a response from Erica: I'm sorry we are unable to do a Price Beat on this due to it is on a bundle deal in our store.

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