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Spin & Win Free Fuel ($2, $5, $10 or $20) @ Waitomo Fuel


this is back, however looks to be broken as if you have entered last time i posted it detects its seen your number before and doesnt allow spin.
I'm going to predict this isn't intended to be that harsh and they probably have just screwed up, as before when you entered the same number twice during the promotion it allowed spin but gave same result as before, so im guessing they just wanted to detect that scenerio and not allow a spin, versus not allow a spin for a number used last month!
I'd recommend everyone give some feedback to Waitomo (message facebook etc) and hopefully they get this working asap.
credit to Wakrak.

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  • +1

    Nice find. Being that I live in the South Island I've not used any of my winnings haha.

    • Take a trip to Christchurch or Dunedin? At least the free fuel will help with getting back!

  • Thanks! Got $5 added to my account.

  • +1

    I’ve messaged - I only have one free tank of Z fuel left from the Flybuys promo!

  • Thanks! I won the $20 :D

    • Awesome!

  • +1

    We have seen this number before 😐

    • They have seen my number(s) many times before….

      My wife’s number worked fine (only won $2) and yet she has spun many times too so not sure why it doesn’t like me 😢

      • Same, GF's number worked but mine doesn't.. weird

  • Neither mine or my partners numbers worked, both have only been used once. Have inquired, yet to receive a response

  • +1

    Thanks, got $20 and used it, after spending this $20, got another chance to spin in the app, won $2. so 10% off for my next time $20 fill.

  • I messaged over 24 hours ago but still nothing, although they have seen my message.
    I’m guessing the promo might be over by the time I get a response.

    • Its the weekend. Most waged people only work mon - fri

      • I’m not expecting a response before the promo ends,
        Guessing it’s just an error as it’s never restricted numbers previously as long as you only used the number once per promo.
        The last promo was only a couple of weeks ago so I’m not too worried - it’s a nice to have, not a must.
        I’m happy to support them either way.

  • did not work with number as well
    got this message, we've seen that number before

  • Didn't work for me. Same error as others.

    We have seen that number before.

    I am guessing that I have not used the reward I earned last time might be the cause. Happy to be wrong.

    • I used all my prior rewards on my last fill two weeks ago, so I don't think that is the cause

  • 18 upvotes… When the deal is hardly worth posting haha

    • 19 now! Yeah I was hoping that they would of fixed it, hopefully there has been at least 19 people that it worked for, worked on 2 numbers for me.

      • Normal cell and work one ae 🤣

      • Got it to work on two numbers for the grand total of $4 ($2 each).
        Definitely worth an upvote for that 🤣

    • wow small deal.

  • Shrugs I tried it on my one number and it worked - got $5 just like last time. Never used it then and wont now either……

  • Promo gone for a smoko

  • +1

    Just got a response back now from Waitomo from my message on the weekend.
    'Kia ora, yes we're sharing the love around to new 'appy users so you wouldn't have been able to spin to win via our online spinning wheel this time. But you still have the chance to spin to win every $20 or more you spend via in-app payment. Cheers.

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