Free Tāmaki Makaurau Exploration Voucher ($50 ~ $100) @ Auckland Unlimited (Auckland residents only)


Aucklanders are being offered 100,000 vouchers this summer for a range of activities in a bid to "reactivate" the city as it shakes off the shackles of nearly four months in lockdown.

The $37.5 million reactivation package includes $12m in vouchers to attractions and discounts to Auckland's council facilities, funding for events and food support. Including Zoo, Museum, Swimming Pool, Art Gallery, etc.

Aucklander can register interest from 15/12/2021. Vouchers are distributed from mid-Jan 2022. Vouchers expire at the end of April 2022.

We're calling Aucklanders to explore Tāmaki Makaurau this summer! 

Register below for your chance to receive a voucher that you can use towards a bunch of epic activities and attractions across Auckland. There are 100,000 vouchers up for grabs!   

Register to receive either one  $100 family voucher or one $50 individual voucher. 

The details

• Auckland residents over the age of 18 are eligible to register, see the Auckland boundary here.   
• Registrations are open 15 December at 10:00 until 25 February 2022 at 23:59.  
• You can only enter once. If you are not allocated a voucher, you will automatically be entered into subsequent draws after the date of your registration.    
• Vouchers are allocated randomly. If you have a valid registration, you have the chance to receive a voucher.   
•  25,000 vouchers will be allocated on each of the following dates:  

• Saturday 15 January 2022  
• Tuesday 01 February 2022   
• Tuesday 15 February 2022   
• Tuesday 01 March 2022  

• If you are allocated a voucher:   

•You will be notified by email. You will have 14 days from the date you receive the voucher to activate the promotional code on Bookme, and until 30 April 2022 to enjoy the experience you booked.   

• The voucher includes a promo code that can be redeemed on Bookme to cover or contribute towards booking eligible experiences with Auckland attraction and activity operators. 

• All participating consumers must agree to the terms and conditions of entry and adhere to all Ministry of Health and Covid Vaccination Certificate guidelines when undertaking relevant activities using any Vouchers.

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  • Sorry mate I don't quite see how to register my interest? Any help would be much appreciated, thanks.

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      “Aucklander can register interest from 15/12/2021. ”

      • Ohh woops didnt read that. Thanks.

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    link goes nowhere…. might as well post the news article itself for more info

  • It looks to be a lottery though, so not really a deal

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    Details from Newshub

    Explore Tāmaki Makaurau this summer is a $12 million voucher and discount programme to encourage families and individuals to visit commercial attractions and council-owned facilities over summer. Any individual or family with an Auckland post code will be eligible.

    Auckland residents can register interest for a voucher from 15 December.

    Auckland Unlimited will allocate the vouchers through an online platform from mid-January, and will ensure they are distributed fairly across households in the region. They will be redeemable to the end of April 2022. Attractions and activities who want to be part of the scheme will have to opt-in.

    The ‘Explore Tāmaki Makaurau this summer’ voucher and discount schemes are expected to reach at least 300,000 people. There are 100,000 vouchers available for families and for individuals, reaching approximately 250,000 people.

    Council attractions like the zoo, swimming pools, museums and galleries, may be part of the scheme. Commercial operators will have to opt in and could include a range of activities from outdoor adventure to tech exploration spaces.

    The Local Activation Programme and discount scheme should reach at least 50,000 people and provide benefits for businesses by encouraging people back to local attractions and events.

    Local Activation Programme is a $10 million contestable fund for summer events that are free to the public, such as those organised by business associations, community groups, and cultural organisations in town centres. They must require vaccination certificates and follow relevant public health restrictions.

    Funding will apply to events and activities between 15 December 2021 and 3 April 2022. Applications for funding will open shortly with funding available from 15 December 2021.

    $3.5 million for a promotional and marketing campaign by Auckland Unlimited to encourage visitors to experience and rediscover local destinations and attractions, and to promote the vouchers and activation programme to residents.

    $12 million for food banks and community food organisations. It is estimated this could translate to roughly 84,000 food parcels and will be run by the Ministry of Social Development through community providers.


  • Is travel to Auckland allowed now? Pity they don't open it up to all NZers to encourage tourists to Auckland also, somehow. Though might not be much demand given Auckland is a Covid hotspot compared to most of the rest of the country.

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      Nice gesture but you have no idea what's like been in lockdown for 100+ days

      • I worked from home for 300+ days straight when the first lockdown hit and I don't go out much, so I have a pretty good idea actually. But I can appreciate that it may be more difficult for others.

        • +3

          Sure, Big difference when mandated or having a choice.

          • @Joe: indeed. auckland is slowly gonna clear out and the businesses will again lose out Its sad to see media only in other cities begging aucklanders and their wallets to go to their towns I am not putting a cent in anywhere else other than Auckland! I

    • -3

      hopefully its to keep them there. they failed to keep it contained and now the rest of nz has to suffer.
      weakest link i guess

      • +1

        Not the place for this discussion team, there’s plenty of other forums in which to play the “liberty of conscience and opinion” debate card. Let’s keep it choice and cheapy here, yes?

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    Free Voucher to Line Up this Summer

  • Still no link. It isn't open

    • It says above from 15 Dec 2021 - today is 14 Dec 2021.

      What was your reason for thinking it would be open today?

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    Cheapies will be ready at midnight.

    • True story.

      Still, nothing. Not sure if this link is the appropriate one?

      • Maybe not updated yet? Its only expression of internet however not actual vouchers given out today.

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      Possibly 8am when real people start work…?

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    Where to apply :( ?

  • +3

    How to apply?

  • +3

    When to apply?

  • I get the feeling that the date of the 15th might have been optimistic for being able to claim vouchers etc.

    I read on the site "Further information about the Discount Programme will be available from 15 December 2021." and then also "from 15 December 2021, Auckland residents will be able to register their interest to receive a voucher." Who knows? :\

    • +4

      government never delivers anything on time.

      • +1

        Could be organised by the city council, which is Phil Goff, so same bunch of folks ;)

        • the only thing he does quickly is increase rates, increase water prices, add on more levies.

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      You register and enter a lobby. From there, a lottery system will choose who will get the tickets. Hey wait, that sounds awfully familiar…

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    What to apply?

  • There will be 100,000 vouchers allocated to Aucklanders that can be used to cover or contribute towards the value of attraction and activity deals on – 70,000 x $100 family vouchers and 30,000 x $50 individual vouchers. Source:

    • So a Team of 1.5M and only 100,000 vouchers only - so only certain low economic surburbs get it - how does it work?

      • If you want to actually increase the funds being spent, then focusing on the middle would make the most sense.

        If you are 'rich' then having a voucher or not probably won't make any difference - you'll spend anyway if you want to go somewhere.
        If you are 'poor' then a voucher is not so likely to get you to spend on 'less essential' things.
        People in the middle will be more likely to decide to do something on the margin.

        However, it will just be completely random.


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    So how do we register our interest with bookme? Anyone?

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      Still trying to figure it out

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    Resident applications don't appear to exist as of yet.

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      What's resident application

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    Register here:

    OP: There seems to be a lot of confusion about where to register - maybe best if you replace your generic link with the one here.

    More Info:

    • This. Was just about to post the same link in the comments. Original link is SUPER confusing.

  • +1

    Why to apply? :)

    • To go in the draw for free vouchers.

      If you aren't interested in the vouchers, then no point in applying.

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    Registrations open now, register here

    • Family = 3+
      Individual = 1

      Calling it now, bunch of couples get differing vouchers, don't end up using either.

      • Exactly. Especially because a family pass for basically anything on Bookme is 2 Adults 2 Children. I don't think the merchant will accept only 2 adults

  • Registered now. I hope everyone wins

    • +1

      businesses win. its tax payer money being paid to them.

      • Money should have been give to all Aucklanders ?

        • Hoo hoo baby, I can only imagine all the things I could do with my $7.19.

          I could buy a coffee, and pay for parking while drinking it.

          Taxpayer will be out of pocket a lot more than 12 mil if the service industry collapses.

          • @danvelopment: Whole country is already out of pocket due to Auckland being in lockdown - not that most people will have any comprehension.

            Pretty sure I remember it being quoted as costing $1.9b per week for the whole country being in lockdown, and $1.1b per week if only Auckland, which makes intuitive sense - 40% of the population, but roughly 60% of the productivity of the country (cities are efficient in that respect).

          • @danvelopment: $1000 per family was what I was thinking about.
            Multiple business are being propped up when the either wouldn't not survive without pandemic in a recession or their business model doesn't stack up.
            weeds out these ones.
            If one shuts down there will another spring up - no different to competitors entering the market and extinguishing under performers

            • @Joe: You're pretty much describing almost all cafes and restaurants, as well as the entire tourism industry. It's just not a business model suited to bad times.

              However when times are good, not only are they large economic drivers, but they also act as first jobs for most people as they take unskilled labour.

              A single cafe worker can earn a thousand dollars in a fortnight, and a single cafe hires more than one staff member. Keep the cafe running and you'll keep those first job workers operating until they have learned enough life skills to upgrade.

              How many potential workers in a family? 2? Giving it to the business instead gives that family $2,000 in a fortnight (part time, minimum wage is like $20 now, which is $800/pw full time). Rather than $1000 once.

              Give them a thousand bucks, though, then that's a week and a half of rent, and then what?

              My first jobs were all bars and restaurants, and I definitely don't regret it despite now working in IT.

              IT, an industry that doesn't hire unskilled labour.

  • Has anyone gotten any vouchers? None so far for me

  • Yep got mine

  • Why is everyone hyping this so much? Most of the discounts aren't even that much and the activities aren't even that exciting anyway unless you have a family

    • from my understanding, the vouchers are used to purchase the already discounted activities. Which means with each family voucher, you can do a combination of activities for free up to the value of $100.

  • some of the deals make no sense.

    The snow planet has one booking for individuals and one for a family.

    If you buy individually it is $50 for both adults and children

    If you buy the family pass it is $155 for 3 people or $204 for 4 people.

    Both include the exact same thing, both are for the exact same times, who let this happen?

  • A lot of deals don't make any sense. There are only 2 tickets available for all the available days and you cannot book it by using the family voucher which requires at least 3 tickets. So it makes the family voucher to a very limited activities!!!

  • Got mine yesterday but struggle to find anything to book, either not enough spaces available or too expensive still. The voucher code expires after 2 weeks which makes it even harder to book on something you like with limited time slots.

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