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$20 on Any Online Purchase over $60 Including Sale Items @ Bendon's Lingerie


Code HELLO20 = extra $20 on any online purchase over $60 including sale items. My belief is that this is only for new customers.

Sale includes some full price items on up to 30%
Email description of the deal with T&Cs below:

The very merry sale is valid on selected items, prices are as marked and is valid from 30/11/2021 and ends 21/12/2021 in-store and online at https://www.bendonlingerie.com/outlet. Bras from $15*, prices as marked on selected styles. The “women's brief 5 for $35” is on selected styles. The “men's briefs 5 for $55” is on selected styles. 50% Off Sleepwear is on selected styles, prices as marked. Bendon reserves the right to change or cancel the promotion at any time. The offer excludes the purchase of gift cards and gift vouchers. The promotion cannot be applied to an order that has already been completed and can't be used in conjunction with any other promotions, offers or discounts or to a purchase that is made after the promotional period ends. While stocks last, no rainchecks available. Available for a limited time only at the discretion of Bendon Lingerie. Visit www.bendonlingerie.com/terms-conditions for further details. Afterpay available in all Bendon Outlet stores.

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  • +3

    This deal is actually insane!
    The 3-pack ($49.95) is considered under the 5 for $55.
    So you could technically buy 10 x 3-packs for $110. Then apply the $20 off, although you would have to pay $8 for shipping.

    That's 30 pairs for $98. $3.25 each.

    Alternatively, 15 3-packs, apply $20 off, free shipping.

    That's 45 pairs for $145. $3.25 each.

    • +1

      Alternatively, you don't have to get only 3-packs.
      You can mix in some singles and 2-packs. But this is nice!

      • +1

        Man, that's a lot of undies. Are we talking on disposable level???

    • +3

      If you dont need 45 pairs, the coupon somehow works on just 5 for $55 as well:

      Subtotal (includes tax) $249.75
      Discount (HELLO20) -$214.75

      5 for $55 -$194.75
      HELLO20 -$20.00

      Shipping (Flat Rate - Nationwide Delivery) $7.95
      Order Total $42.95

      so 15 for $42.95 or $2.86 each

    • +1

      Thanks @icynz, ordered 5 packs of 3 haha. What do you think the odds on cancellations are?

    • I must be blind, I can't find a 3-pack option. Anyone know if it's still there or can provide this cheapie with a link? Thanks!

  • +3

    I just learned a whole lot of stuff about guys and how many undies they actually need!
    And I've grown up with two brothers and been married for almost 20 years…45 pairs????????????????????????????

  • +1

    Cheers OP. A great deal and grabbed some (somewhat less than 45 though lol)

    • I know, I felt suddenly horrible for always making sure my husband has at least 10 (I mean, I do weekly washing…) but 45 is a new benchmark!

  • +1

    Love this. Grabbed 17 pairs of mens underwear (3 x 3 packs, a two pack and 6 singles) and two maternity bras for $120. The maternity bras at $15 are an utter win, underwear is a very excellent cherry on top!

    • Ohhh I remember maternity bra days and how many times the sizing changed overtime!
      No, I don't miss it 😅 But I'm glad everyone will have nice undies for 2022!

  • +2

    I just bought a lot of panties. Lots and lots of panties.
    Maybe I can sell the old ones in a vending machine?

    • +1

      That's not the kind of question an user with a cat face would answer because you're an user with a mouse face. That's just not good. 😹

  • For the Men's, is the Bendon range the same as the Macpherson's and then the Heidi Klum in prior seasons? Ie, just a brand name change? I used to enjoy wearing these when they were Macpherson's but felt that the quality had slipped away since… Could be wrong.

    • Was wondering the same as well.
      Got a great deal back in Sept 2020 for mens trunks (Heidi Klum brand) and was looking at getting some more for hubby but noticed they’re now branded “Bendon Man” but the SKU and even the fabric looks the same?

      • I too got that good deal last September and have been waiting around for something like this to jump on because I only got a few last time.
        I really hope they are similar to the Heidi Klum! :fingers-crossed:

  • +1

    Picked up the 5 for $55 deal but was still able to use the promo code due to the $7.50 shipping cost I guess? so $55 + $7.50 -$20 = $42.50 shipped all up. Super happy with my purchase, thanks a ton OP!

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