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JVC 50" 4K Android TV for $580 + Delivery at The Market


Original Coupon Deal

JVC 50 inch 4K Ultra HD Smart TV is usually $999, The Warehouse has it on sale for $649, then they have their 10% off making it $584, and an additional 10% from the market brings it to $580.69 including shipping

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals.

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  • dam this is tempting..

  • Is the tv any good though?

    • For $580 dont expect much but probably good deal

    • Depends what you’re using it for. Spare guest room no one ever goes in? Monitoring security cameras? Displaying the menu at your shop? Watching 24 hour news channels? Probably good for all of those

    • It's fine. Could use a little more processing power (tends to stutter when playing 4k if you try to open menus etc). Stock android, so you can install a lot more on it.

      Most annoying thing is power is on far right and HDMI on far left.

  • +1

    Wow, it even has Nettfilx [sic] built in! I expect great things from this one… :D

  • Is it gonna be like TCL ones, after a week so slow on every command

    • Weird, was this a really low end TCL? I have 3 TCL tv's in the family and they are all as snappy as they were day 1 (about 1-2 years old)

      • not a low end one, it was P725

        • Dam :( have you tried a factory reset/latest updates + uninstalled all the bloatware and removed all the TCL recommended channels and stuff from the home screen? I have the 2020 equivalent of that one plus a few lower end sets from that year within the family.

          • @Jaqqour: I did try reset and also got rid of most of the stuff but still there was a lot of lag, so I sold it on marketplace last month, somebody needed it for watching security cameras on it, so the problem didn't bother them

  • +1

    they were selling it for $599 at the start of the year btw

  • tempting but i need to see it running and navigate. i cant stand some tvs image processing.

  • +2

    I have purchased one of these - will let everyone know how it goes

    • cheers !

      • Update: it's a great tv, love it!

    • Still finding it alright ?

      How is the picture itself compared to other models you have seen?

      • Yeah it's pretty much normal, the sound is a bit crap but a cheap soundbar should easily fix it

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