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55% off - Nutribullet XXL Digital Air Fryer 7L - $179.99 + $10 Shipping or Pickup @ Farmers


Lowest i have seen these for a big Air Fryer, normally sits at $399.99 RRP. Potentially could get a 10% pricematch at any of the below places too which would make it $161 Only available in store

comparatively with all the Black Friday sales going on

Mightyape - $399.00 / -0%
The Market - $379.99 / -5%
Briscoes - $239.99 / -40%
Harvey Norman - $199.99 / -50%

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  • Briscoes does price beat by 10% so technically could get it for $162 from there :)

    • Yup mentioned it. Great deal if you can!

  • It says $199 at HN now

  • yes, it shows as $199

    • Sorry! I pasted the wrong g link it’s farmers!!

  • Just went to briscoes - they said they only have 1 in stock across the country (Blenheim) which makes sense because they have it as an online-only offer. I still called them though (30 min wait time!!) and tried to order it over the phone. They agreed to price beat it, but I'm yet to be contacted by their team member who will process. the order.

    • Yeah farmers has store stock available in Auckland and bop only

  • I rung through to briscoes at around 2pm today and completed the price beat with farmers. Haven’t received an email yet but hoping it all went through

    • Any update? Did your order went through? Do you have to add the item on the cart first before calling them to price beat? Or can just call them anytime and ask them to price match? Cheers.

      • Yes looking good, the money was taken 161.99. No they did a manual transaction over the phone. They even did free shipping as I asked if there was a way I could just add it to my order or other items.

        • Hey, has yours arrived yet or have you got a confirmation it's been processed? I got called back on Tuesday and they've taken my payment (called them about Price Beat on the Friday before) but I just found out now that they refunded me back my money on Friday! The products is also no longer on their website as of now.

          • @kiwinoy: Oh no how annoying :(

            Mine went through fine, arrived yesterday

  • kmart used to sell a 7L one too for $130 which has an arguably better design with the removable tray

    • The Kmart one is prone to scuffing around the bottom of the facia, as often seen in the display units because people slam the basket in as it's so heavy.

      If you want a top-reviewed large air fryer, go for the Philips XXL HD9650 @ $400 with the $50 cashback offer.

      • never had that issue and I've had both so idk I prefer the Kmart basket but Philips definitely looks better if you want to pay x4 more

      • Or just get a breville smart pro oven with air fryer, atm $359 on the market

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