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2degrees Broadband - $150 Credit + 6 Mths Neon and Prime Video - Effective $59.92/Mth over 12 Months


An NZ Compare exclusive Broadband Deal only available through Broadband Compare - Link details below.

For 2degrees mobile customer it works out at $59.92 per month once $150 discount and free month applied and averaged over the 12 month term.
Additionally recieve NEON and Prime Video worth $232 over the 6 months.

$79 x 11 months = $869 (one month free on 12 month term)
$869 - $150 exclusive credit = $719
$719 over 12 months averages at $59.92 a month

Add $10 per month if you don't have 2degrees mobile plan.

Hope I posted this in correct format ad followed guidelines. Thanks

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals.

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  • how does it compare to https://www.cheapies.nz/node/30066

    • Not as cheap on the monthly pricing - Skinny Fibre essentially works out at $39 a month on Fibre 100 with their 6 months free.
      The added value with NEON and Prime (if that's your thing gives you extra value at $232) but direct costs will be a bit more all factored in at $40.58 I think.
      Just another option to consider.

  • I am already with you guys, how about I get this offer as a valued customer? Or do you just reward new customers?

    • We're not 2degrees but a comparison platform. This is a new customer only deal though I'm afraid.

    • If you are out of contract you can call up/email and ask them what they would do to retain you as a customer as you are looking around at alternatives.
      YMMV but I have managed to get credit and the subscriptions (eg Prime). Some times they say you can't get them as you have had them before; however most recently I got both (even though I have had them before). Its a shame there isn't much consistency, but you can try and give them the opportunity to keep you :)

      • Same experience for me.
        I call them up every year about a month before my contract expires.
        They always give me the latest deal in terms of price per month/account credit.
        I also got Amazon Prime again this year even though I have had it before but they wouldn’t do Prime last year.
        From my experience the ‘freebies’ seem to be every 2nd year.

  • You can also get more value from the Prime Video subscription by claiming a monthly twitch prime sub free(~$7.99NZD value) if you like twitch.tv and want to support someone.

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