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Eufy Cam Plus - 2 Pack Plus Entry Sensor (365 Day Battery Life) $528 / 4 Pack - $858 @ Bunnings Warehouse


Bought the 2 pack in May for 700nzd and now they are 528! 4 pack is 858!

Some things to note:
- These are the EufyCam 1080p variant with 365 day advertised battery life
- The whole pack is called the Eufycam Plus, and as far as I know, only bunnings sell them, so price matching is out the window.
- What the Plus means is that it comes with the newer home base (Homebase 2) and you get a free Entry Sensor along with it

Elsewhere at PB tech are selling these 2 pack for 759 (and is the older homebase with no entry sensor) and 1461 for the 4 pack.

Link to the 4 pack here: https://www.bunnings.co.nz/eufy-cam-plus-4-pack-plus-entry-s...

Cheapest i've seen anywhere. If you're looking for a security camera set. I would highly recommend Eufy, no monthly fees, we use them everyday to keep an eye on packages being delivered and also watch the cars at night.

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  • I'm confused, how is it different to this one? https://themarket.com/nz/p/eufy-cam-2c-pro-2k-security-kit-4...

    Works out to $773.1 with BF 10% off

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      That's the 2c pro, its battery life is only rated at 6 months instead of 1 year.
      But the 2c pro does have the benefit of having a spotlight and 2k imaging. What you're really paying for is the battery life.
      Despite the 6 months battery on the 2c, it really varies depending on foot traffic and if you use the spotlight or not so you may have to recharge it more often.

      The bigger battery is great for high places and with my daily notifications hitting 4-5 times a day, I still don't need to charge it since May.
      There are lots of reviews online comparing the two.

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        I would still get the 2c pro over 1080p as 2c pro has color night vision. You can easily attach solar panels, to remove the hassle of charging so battery is irrelevant.

        Also, if you are putting camera at high places, means you need better resolution to capture more detail. In that case 2c pro has advantage of 2k over 1080p. Spotlight helps as well to capture better image.

        • Yeap! I mean my high place can be reached with just me standing on a chair. haha! I do have to note, that the 1080p variant does have anti theft detection. So if moved, it will sound an alarm. I don't think the 2cs have this feature.

          The solar panels does cost a good 97 bucks extra each (from PB).
          1080p would work fine if you're not really looking into the distance but you can bet 2k will be clearer :)

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            @Nikras: Solar panels are cheaper from Aliexpress. If you put it high enough and have solar panels, Don't think theft detection matters either haha.

      • To 2c does have a Spotlight for colour but the infrared is far better as it gives more detail of a larger area.

  • You can get the eufycams much cheaper on AliExpress. I just bought 3 pack for cheaper than PB Tech Black Friday pricing.

  • How it the storage on the HomeBase2 that comes with the EufyCamPlus? I see its only 2000min, 16GB eMMC (not expandable storage?) which gives just over 33hrs of video storage

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      That's the major drawback. Though that 16gb should be more than enough as it only stores events. They don't have continuous recording.

      • That makes sense. Looking at the following page it does mention storage is expandable in future release via USBA (unsure how this will work).

        • That is not going to happen. False marketing. They have confirmed that homebase 2 doesn't have enough processing power to expand storage. There is no further development to allow it. That USB port is useless.

  • Is it just me or does Eufy have one of the worst product naming schemes in the tech market? I find it hard to discern between their budget models and high end/flagship models. And the fact all the models look very similar also doesn't help.

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      I'll do my best to help you out:

      For wireless, they have two sets of cameras these days, ones that require a home base and ones that do not.

      With home base cams:
      - Eufycam / Eufycam 2 without the "c" will refer to their original eufycams that have the 365 day battery life + 140 degree viewing angles.
      - Eufycam 2c will refer to their wireless cams that comes with 180 day battery life + 135 degree viewing angles + a spotlight + colour night vision
      These are the non-pro variants which mean they are only filming in 1080p.

      If the name says Eufycam 2 pro / Eufycam 2c pro, then these just refer to them having a better camera that takes 2k resolution recordings. (you can find these at noel leeming)

      Without home base cams: These are the Eufycams that have "Solo" in the name. That just means you need to buy an extra memory card to store recordings on the camera itself and you don't need a home base to operate them.

      Basically, budget cams are the non-pro variant, and the pros are your high-end ones. The price difference is negligible though. I would go for the pro ones.

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        Thank you so much Nikras for taking the time to give me a concise summary, I really appreciate it.

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    There are two different models of this model one has a battery backup on the home base and this one doesn't and that's why it's cheaper also 16 GB there's heaps of storage you're not making movies. You can also immediately download the video onto your phone ,1080p is plenty good enough. I have the six-month version and it lasts up to nine months in my experience with the right settings. If you want to continual video this is the wrong product for you as the batteries would only last a few hours.

  • Oh great thread here, I was confused about the variations too. When does this sale end?

    • All good. I have no idea when it will end but i'm assuming after all the black friday madness is over :)
      Bunnings don't really state "sale" items on their website haha.

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