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Sign up to Mailing List, Get $10 off $50 Minimum Spend Online @ Briscoes


Signing up for Briscoes mailing list will give you a code for $10 off any order >=$50.

This $50 includes shipping costs (flat fee $6 delivered, $3 click and collect), so works out to either free delivery or an additional ~15% off if you can get your order as close to $47 as possible.

I have confirmed this code works as many times as you like IF you're fast enough, I split my $200 order across 4 $50 orders over 8 minutes according to the emails. However I tried the code again just now and it's saying it's invalid, so as long as you do them all promptly it should be fine.

Got some good savings in combination with their Black Friday sales. And as soon as the newsletter arrives I'll be unsubbing!

Edit: Might have been wrong about it including shipping.

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  • +3

    Only thing that bugs me about Briscoes is the fee for Click and Collect.
    They have lost sales because of this.

    • Yeah this is bizarre when places do that.

    • wow for one $5 mug.
      Click & Collect - $3.00
      Shop online, and pick up in-store. Ready in 1-5 business days

    • +1

      I agree and the next one - Farmers is the worst. I think is $5 C&C when I last checked. I mean, it's on a shelf near the staff, it doesn't cost them to grab it and pack - like, they don't have to drive anywhere to pick it up, why charge?

  • & Rebel Sport

  • +1

    Code wouldn't apply for me untill my order was over $50 excluding shipping.

    • Might have been wrong, went back and checked and the one I thought was below $50 was actually $50.83.

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