Zinger Combo $7.99 @ KFC


Bringing this crowd favourite back for a hot minute 🔥⏰ Get amongst while you can! 🍗 Available in store, via click & collect and drive-thru until 29/11.

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    Awww yeah. Cheeseburger combo for playlunch and Zinger combo for lunch; Regret for dinner.

  • Not working for ordering online and pick up. Had to get the deluxe zinger for$14

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    Use a drive through and say the 5 digit KFC code (They haven't asked me to display receipt so far) for free fries and drink:


    • good point!

    • Click on the above link and scroll down to Ytrewq's comment. Do it on your phone.

      Major life hack.

      • If doing it on an Android phone make sure you don't use Firefox. Chrome works fine. Firefox I think it only sends the response to the server one time no matter how many times you click so it doesn't work.

      • yip that is what i do also just in case they ever ask to see something.

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