Sunbeam Duraceramic Airfryer $98 @ Harvey Norman


Cheapest price ever according to pricespy.
Instead of paying $10 delivery, just add a $10 gift card to activate free shipping.

Possible price match at Noel Leemings then use $20 zip coupon with $100 spend.
Possible price beat at briscoes but different color so ymmv.

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Harvey Norman NZ
Harvey Norman NZ


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    Nice find. Noels is selling for $330 ($170 with CSC premium) and Smith City for $129 for the black model (promotion price). Reviews seem decent, value for money.

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    Can anyone recommend on the capacity of these air fryers? How does it compare to the 5.3 Litre air fryer at Kmart -

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      Would like to know as well. The reviews on that Kmart one seems quite good too.

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      had the fancy Philips ones and the Kmart one.

      they Kmart one is pretty affordable and you wouldn't cry if you scratch the non stick lining lol. the timer is manual so it's only approximate but the bigger Kmart one has a digital timer and display which some might prefer. it also doesn't look as stylish as the others so not a "showpiece" appliance but it's used in my back kitchen lol.

      both works similar and not much difference cooking wise- would buy again. there's also a massive fb group for the Kmart fryers full of reviews and recipes.

      • Which Philips model did you have?

        I'm still thinking to either get a Philips or Kmart unit

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          the XXL one. they both do the job but I think the Philips have better control over time and temp (cost 4x more though).

          i recommend picking a model that can lift the tray out easily for washing.

          another tip is to use silicon baking mats that fit inside the pan to help with cleaning as food do get stuck over time.

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      As far as airfryer technologies are concerned, they are just convection fan ovens, which has been around for ages. Just go for the best value you could find, don't worry about the brand.

  • I have normal oven, do I need this?

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      Typically, and I can't speak for this model, Airfryers have a suspended "basket" - they don't tend to need anything extra (e.g. oil). So, if you for example, cooked a tray of fresh meatballs from the supermarket in the oven, they'd come out soggy and soaked in fat, depending on how long you cooked them for and what temperature. In an Air Fryer, the fat can't soak the meatballs, so instead they 'sweat' it out, self lubricate and then the excess drops to the bottom tray under the basket. The results can be preferable to using an oven, the only disadvantage in my view being that your whole house will smell like meatballs due to the venting requirement. So if and when we use ours, we do so with a heavy duty extension cord on the deck.

      • Would you say that it has replaced your oven for most things?

        • I bought the 11L Kmart one. It's quite easy to use, has a built in timer and digital temp control up to 200deg. Also does low temp dehydrating which is a nice extra, but haven't tried yet. All these things can be done in the oven. The main thing is just that the oven is bigger.

          We have a big family so the oven still gets used for main meals, but it really helps if you ever need extra oven space for side dishes, etc. Cleaning is much easier because your just throw the small trays in the dishwasher (full size oven trays don't fit). And heating up takes very little time, so power usage is reduced.

          It really just depends how you use it.

    • In addition to universe's comments, the area to heat is much smaller, so doing small batches of things happens quite quickly, no need to wait around getting oven to temperature.
      If you have a quality oven this isn't as much of a difference, great for flatting where the provided oven might be 25 years old with bad seals.
      Also easier to clean than an oven.

    • yea if you normally use the oven for 1-2 people then this is definitely faster and more convenient to cook.

      if you're cooking or baking big quantities and oven would be better.

    • I use the Air-fryer for cooking any frozen food that has been deep fried prior to freezing (basically all the yellow frozen foods lol). Because of the oil content in those types of frozen food, the Air-fryer does a good job at crisping them up and any excess oil will drip to the bottom and it’s quite surprising how much oil does end up in the bottom.

  • I've got one of these and we use it regularly. If you are cooking for a couple of people they are fantastic. The only downside to this model is the copper like basket which is hard to clean. I'll probably buy another as a gift.

  • I have a Russell Hobbs one 5L I think it is quite a strenuous task to clean the inside tray and also not sure how to clean the copper coil inside, any thoughts?

    The air fryer itself does most jobs well like fried fish, chips, raw marinated meat placed on baking paper.

    It does throw out a large billow of smoke so be aware of that too reagrdless of which brand or airfryer you select

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    Used to have the Phillips Airfryer (similar style) and it was great however cleaning it wasn't the easiest and just got worse as time went by. Changed to one of the oven style airfryers now like this but we got ours from the Warehouse and been great. So so so much easier to keep clean.

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    Got Noel Leeming to price Match at $98 and $20 off ZIP code, $78 at the end :)

    • what did you buy to get the price up to $100? Cheapest thing I can find is a $3.50 sim card

      • $2.99 AA batteries

    • Hi, was it online or in-store?

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        all online, ask thru the online chat they will give you a code to use thru the checkout

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          Worked for me online too. There was a bit of a delay getting onto the online chat, but they matched no problem. $78 seems like a good deal, but be aware this is a farily small air fryer. Only 3 Litres. Probably better quality than the competing 'budget' ones like Kmart, Warehouse, etc. since it has copper non-stick coating.

  • FYI the market has breville mini oven with air fryer function for about $350 for those that want easy clean or larger families

    Check my market super list post

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