Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen) Smart Speaker $25.99 Delivered @ PB Tech


cheapest price ever according to pricespy.
free delivery with code shippy21
4th gen also cheapest price its ever been too.

kindle looks to be cheapest price ever too @ $105.

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    Great price for a great device, and this gen looks much cooler than the 4th or 2nd, but that's just me

    • Bought two for my friend who is an Audible buff, quite happy to have found them. at this price.

      • If you have a kindle purchase, they can also read those for you.

  • Thanks! Ordered one :)

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    $29 at noel so might price match if needs be.

    Mine just died so the timing is great.

    Newer dome style is around $49 or just over $100 for the more audio capable dome style that replace the tall cylinder version.

    • yours that died is 3rd gen too? how long did it last?

      • Think we've had it a few years. At $25 it doesn't matter though, that's cheap.

        You're really buying the service. The device is just a way to hear your commands, route it up to the cloud to answer, and then has a speaker to play the response. It's really just a human interface gateway, but that's a lot of functionality for $25 without a subscription either.

        Major complaints are just that there's no free music option, so you really want Spotify etc to use as music, otherwise take you chances with iheartradio etc.

        • Oh ok,

          I thought it was a bluetooth speaker

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    All the Echo's have reduced in price today across all retailers. Must be Amazon subsidizing them for Black Friday

  • Thanks, grabbed one at that price too. First time I've paid by online EFTPOS, it was painless, immediate and with no surcharge.

    • Far out! Just received the courier tracking number email, coming from Christchurch to Dunedin via Aramex.

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        Using 3 main couriers as NZPost said we were too big of a customer lol.
        Aramex PBT Courier and NZPost.

        • Is there any way to not choose aramax? My latest parcel from pbtech through them has not shown up. Neither PB tech or aramax are helping me

          • @quote: Not really dm me your email but I can see what I can do

      • Holy crap! It turned up at 8.15am this morning. Very happy to replace the last Google product in the house with a speaker in the kitchen for $26. Great service PB Tech, many thanks.

  • So what do these do? Do they just echo everything you say into Amazon's records?

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      Yes, very much so. Might also record "by mistake"

  • Echo3 X 2 = Echo4 ~approx. $50

    Would buy Echo3. Although Echo4 has better speaker and processor that's the only difference I found out.

    • Expensive dome echo has the good audio/speaker of the old cylinder style.

      Cheaper dome echo is similar to the older style icehockey puck here.

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    I have a Google Nest mini, but use it rarely.

    How does this compare to the Nest Mini? Is it worth buying for someone who already owns a Nest Mini?

    • Just a different flavour.

      Alexa has the most integrations, it's been around longer with lots of skills.

      Google has the smartest assistant if you want answers to questions regularly.

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      Despite using Google and Android for almost everything and I bought quite few Nests a while back but found them very buggy and constantly needing reseting. I much prefer Alexa - it just works better and is simpler and has a lot more features.

      • I have an Echo Show 5 2nd Gen for the bedroom which my Philips Hue (non bridge connected) lights are connected to - they seem to drop out once every couple weeks and I need to restart the Echo Show for them to reconnect. Seems more like an issue with the Philips Hue / Philips Hue integration than the Echo itself though, as my Sonos has only dropped maybe once in the last 6 months.

      • Iv been on Google infrastructure for my smart home gear for a while. But I did find that a low end router like the ones supplied by the ISP was not the best.
        Running a solid wifi network now and have no issues.
        For others reading who have similar issues, check your wifi channel

        • I do as well with Google wifi points all over - overall no complaints really - but do find the Alexa's a lot more stable. Maybe personal preference. But the new Google Home combined app for Wifi and Nest etc is pretty rubbish compared to the previous ones.

      • "Has a lot more features" - could you elaborate on this part please? I did some research online and couldn't find much on the feature differences. I don't have any issues with my Nest Mini btw and I've got a lot of automation via Google App Scripts to do funky stuff with my Nest Mini. For example, if any of my bills come through to my Gmail, then my Google App Scripts will take those emails and add it to Google Calendar and Google Task. I then have a Google Routine to read "what's on my calendar tomorrow", or "what are my tasks for tomorrow" and it will automatically read it out to me. All of these obviously rely on Google services integrating with one another and I don't know whether I can do this with Alexa, or if I should even bother. Only reason I'm looking at this is the price.

        • OK, I ended up buying one just to test it out. I mean, at $26 that's like chump change really. I was pleansantly surprised by how good it is compared to Google.

          It does a lot of things better than Google. Such as the announcement feature, drop-in, etc. With Google, the "broadcast" feature sucks balls and doesn't work unless you set Google Home or Google Assistant to a specific language that is supported. For me, English is my 2nd language and when I bought the Google Nest Mini for my parents, they prefer to use it in their native language and the broadcast option just isn't there. This is a well known issue. With Alexa, this feature is always there and is super reliable.

          Also, it manages calendar entries so much better than Google. In fact, you can tell Alexa what specific calendars in your Google Calendar to monitor. There's also the official Alexa MS-Store app on Windows, which allows you to do a lot of things from there (same as what you can do on your phone). With Google, there's an unofficial Google Assistant from GitHub and while I got that to work, it's just not as nice.

          With Google Nest Mini, you need to have both Google Home + Google Assistant and with the Echo Dot, you just need Amazon Alexa. There are actually a lot of settings and things that Alexa can do better than Google and I enjoyed using it so much that I bought a 2nd one. Well worth the price imo.

  • Anyone do a pricematch at Bunnings?

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      I definitely looked at it but in the end decided I would rather get it delivered from PB Tech for the extra $4 or so I would have saved by pricematching.

  • OK, went a bit nuts and picked up two echo studios, $209 each, one each from Noel’s and HN due to stock levels, to set up with my fire tv cube and a show 5 to replace the echo dot on the bedside table.

    Resisted changing out my show 8 gen one to the gen 2 but it looks like this promo pricing runs to the end of the year.

  • What is echo dot 3rd gen v2? Is it different?

    • I couldn't find an answer but suspect they did a product refresh. They're running two software versions for Echo Dot 3rd Generation which is consistent with two hardware versions. I doubt the differences are significant enough to seek out or worry about. The stock available at retailers is most likely all Version 2.

      • thanks

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