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BLACK+DECKER Booster Cables Car-to-Car $1 (after $10 off Coupon) + Shipping @ 1day


Why pay $71.99 when you can just pay $1!
shipping is $4.99 so total should be $5.99 delivered.
Original $10 Coupon Deal

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  • thanks! would be a good xmas prezzy for dad haha

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    If one wants to use the $10 coupon for something else, The Market has it at $11 (https://themarket.com/nz/p/black-decker-booster-cables-car-t…)

  • So… you plug it in and have your car running for 20 minutes while you charge someone flat battery? I'd guess due to the low current able to flow through the cigarette lighter circuit.

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    Isn't it easier/quicker to jump start the conventional way? Jump cables are smaller/compact as well. Someone tell me why this would be $72 normally?

    • Convenience factor for people afraid to clip real ones onto a battery. I guess this is cheaper than calling AA for help? That’s my best guess.

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      I have these type boost cable and they're basically useless for a flat battery but work if the engine partially turns over and will charge the vehicle in about 15 to 20 minutes. Having said that most of those cheap jumper leads are just as useless as most of them have a rating of 200 Amps when you need at least 750amp. Genuine 750 amp plus will set you back over $200 and don't be fooled by the rubbish they put on the cardboard.

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    Looks like it's a discontinued product from the B&D UK website. Whilst it seems like a good deal, I'd personally avoid it in fear of blowing a fuse. Very mixed reviews on Amazon here.

  • Did you know the ILOVESHOPPING code still exists and works? For 10$ off as well. But it has a higher minimum spend it seems.

  • It may be cheap but I've never seen someone jumpstart a car by plugging in a cable between cigarette lighters. I just checked mine and it's 100amp leads that has $6.99 on the bag. It's been used multiple times and I don't recall any problems. Has outlasted 4 cars it has been in I believe. I keep it either on the spare tire or below the passenger seat. Gives a lot more peace of mind than this.

    • This wouldn't be for jump starting, the description carefully says about charging over 20 minutes, basically slowly topping up a low batter enough for the engine to turn over.

      100amps is on the low side, sounds like you have jumper leads for a motorcycle or a very small car. Or charging leads.

      100amps may be fine for a low battery, but I wouldn't feel safe relying on it for a dead flat battery. But someone who's done a real world test could say better.

      I'm not an expert I just understand basic electronics and around 400amps is typical for car jumper leads.

      • not sure what the difference is between charging leads and jumper leads. I use it by attaching it to both cars batteries and running the doner, both standard size batteries. After a bit, you can turn over the engine of the dead car. Has worked perfectly for me although it was bought probably 10 years ago and if I were to get a new one I wouldn't cheap out on something like this.

        • With proper jumper leads you don't need to wait around, you connect the leads and you can turn over the engine because it can draw all the power it needs from the full battery via the cables. Maybe 150amps draw.

          Sounds like you're basically topping up the battery charge before turning over, so it's some drawing power to turn over from its own battery vs being able to pull all its amps via a cable.

  • This cable doesn't work most of the time. Spend this money on proper jumper cables or a jump starter pack.

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